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21018 - United Nations Headquarters


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It seems the numbers were confused initially but that information has been corrected now.

21015 is the Leaning Tower of Pisa, 21018 is the United Nations Headquarters.

And 21017 is Imperial Hotel just to toss that in there.

So then we'll never get an Eames House you think?

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this is a seriously cool set! - these architecture sets investment vise have not been hot in the past, but with these new ones, there are quite a few people taking a liking to them. the only bad thing i can see about this set is me trying to make sure all the levers are perfectly level!

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Looks good. Are the architecture sets good for investment? It's not a theme I have really thought about.


I don't know how they do after retirement, but it's uncanny how I always see them on huge discount or clearance, so that's a clue.  Stuff like the large scale Eiffel tower, sure I can see people buying those, but these micro scale buildings are just so boring.  I don't get the appeal at all...

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That bad boy is fetching close to $60, triple its MSRP.

I checked the current value before posting and was definately surprised. These Architecture sets for me would be ones that look nice sitting on a shelf in its original box. (You know, NRFB.)

I really like the building but it has some special sentimental value for me - it's where I proposed to my wife!

That has to be the nicest semi Lego related story I have ever heard.
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Guest eightbrick

The UN Secretary Ban Ki-Moon put the finishing brick on a large scale model of the set yesterday. Beautiful model, and it used over 90, 000 bricks. The people over at UN are well deserving of a distraction (however brief) from all the terrible stuff going on in the world. Check it out:



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