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Shop at Home calendar and offers - January 2021


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49 minutes ago, Sozial said:

Just a general question: how do you manage to order multiple times without lego canceling every order besides the first order? 

Do not place a similar order simultaneously.

If you have previously bought some HP in last few weeks with the set limit same as now, unlikely you can get around any method, as lego systems are now "computer says no" if you go over the limit.

I previously bought HP when hagrid BrickHeadz deal was out, all of my limits were reset as lego changed their set limit I.e. Great Hall was previously limited to 1 / 3, now 5.

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34 minutes ago, Duffman said:

Hey, if a set is on backorder. Will be the GWP send immediately or when the set is back in stock?

In the US, if an order contains 1 item that's backordered and 1 item that's available (e.g., keychain/CMF blind bag), then Lego would generally ship the item that's available with the GWP rather quickly.


Not sure what the standard practice in other parts of the world.

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27 minutes ago, Captain_chaos said:

Seems like the Monster Book of Monsters is already long gone in the UK. Doesn't appear in cart and doesn't appear on the offers page any more. My order of the Astronomy Tower, Book, and Ideas Car (made a few minutes after midnight) is now 'in warehouse'. 

I’m glad I woke at 12.30am by fireworks and placed my HP order. Looks like EU got a lot of the new HP items, they didn’t stay in stock long after.

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Just now, Bold-Arrow said:

I could buy that argument  but when I check under HP Theme it pops up . Probably poor programming but that’s skirting the line IMO 

Kind of the same as when all BrickHeadz come under BrickHeadz theme and not their respective IP like Disney/ HP etc.

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31 minutes ago, Bold-Arrow said:

Why doesn't the HP crest qualify for the double stack ?

been that way since the get-go even though the crest set shows up under the harry potter theme.  5x of each of new keychains work even though they show up in their separate "keychain" section.   maybe better luck in store.

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