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Shop at Home calendar and offers - January 2021


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HP castle sets (if in-stock) is the no brainer; especially if GWP stacks

Assuming nothing retiring will be back in stock;

I WANT THAT BLUE CAR....If "forced" to buy at RRP; I'm targeting the Chinese New Year sets and maybe the bonsai for QFLL (only new sets that I see from the new batch that may go scarce)

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32 minutes ago, t_mafia said:

The Hogwarts Crest comes out on Jan 1, that would hit both the car and book, and be a Potter set many/all do not have yet


image.jpeg.e08cf3b7bc4ab57994f0f724b723438f.jpegHard to get excited about the Hogwart's crest Build.  Kind of like a cross between needlepoint and light bright.



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"Celebrating 10 Years of Ninjago" - I get 10 years, but why mark it on the calendar with two days?  Does anyone know of something going on in-stores on those two days?

EDIT: Isn't the Ninjago Gardens supposed to be available to VIPs on the 14th?  

Also, I didn't know about these golden minifigures.  I wonder if one will be allocated to the garden set.


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