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What did your child build today?


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My son built set Kryptarium Prison Breakout 70591 from his Easter basket...his third ever non-SW set and his 2nd Ninjago set.  We watched seasons 1 and 2 of Ninjago over Spring Break last week whenever the kids needed a break from swimming and other shenanigans.  They are hooked now.

The minifigs in the set are great, and generally I have always thought Ninjago sets are well done other than the similarity between some of the sets over time (especially the vehicles).  My kids seem to have the inclination to collect some of the Ninjago characters minifigs, an inclination which I will hopefully squash given the amount of SW and Friends sets that we have amassed already.  Still, cool little set that the Easter bunny likely picked up from the BOGO 40% off on Amazon a couple weeks ago.

Ninjago 70591 Prison Breakout.JPG

Ninjago 70591 Minifigures.JPG

Ninjago 70591 Kai and Stone Warrior.JPG

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Stopped by the Lego store a while back with my kids and my daughter loved the Brickheadz, which kind of surprised me.  She ended up buying two of them, and has been carrying the Joker around with her ever since (ha!).  My son built the WU-CRU Training Dojo, which is a great little polybag.

Brickheadz Joker.JPG

Brickheadz Robin 1.JPG

Wu Cru Ninjago 30424.JPG

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My daughter and I built 41593 Captain Jack Sparrow Brickhead on a daddy daughter date night last week, which she followed up with 41586 Batgirl Brickhead earlier this week after it went on sale at TRU while we were spending $30 to get a free battlepod.  I am not a Brickheadz guy, but my daughter loves them!

Brickheadz Batgirl.JPG

Brickheadz Captain Jack.JPG

Brickheads Capt Jack and Batgirl.JPG

Brickheadz So Far.JPG

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My son and I were looking through my miscellaneous boxes of stuff to go through, and we found a used 7623 Indiana Jones Temple Escape I had grabbed off of eBay a couple years ago.


No minifigs and no airplane. But it has the important parts.


He decided to MOC a little something from it. So here’s his alternative build, with a Speed Champions mini and a Minecraft sword.




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