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What did you do today?

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Wife gave me a haircut today. Needed a smock. 

Not today but a couple days ago. Proposed on the London Eye (they have a package deal for you) She said yes. She puts up with me and lego so it was a no brainer!

So here is what I have been working on this quarantine. Before:   After: Needs a bit of trim and some paint. Everything is easily removable so it can

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Bringing peace to a chaotic forum 

13 minutes ago, Darth_Raichu said:

Merged.  Now peace can resume on this land once more.


4 minutes ago, gregpj said:

Too bad we can't split posts, that second sentence belongs in the "What did you do today?" thread.

Done. :D

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I went to the Massachusetts School of Law in Andover, Massachusetts for Animal Rights Day. http://www.mslaw.edu/animal-law-2014/   It an amazing event that keeps getting better every year. I got to pet an alligator today along with lots of other critters. 

 My girlfriend Michelle had a table selling her kids book Kyppa and the Duckling. Most of the proceeds from the book  today are donated to the Sampson Fund here on the Cape. Not that we sold that much but I always match it so any amount helps. Kyppa was our Rottweiler who was a AKC Good Citizen and a CAP Therapy Dog. Michelle would take her to nursing homes and rehab facilities. Kyppa was obsessed with tennis balls so you had to watch out for walkers that had them.

She'll kill me for posting her picture.



Pictures are too big for one post. It keeps merging...

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Baked traditional polish food for easter this morning, then played the Easter bunny for the kids, had brunch with the fam with way too much food and sweets - then watched my kids build their poly's they found when doing the egg hunt, played basketball and baseball with the kids for a few hours outside, grilled lamb and duck for dinner, and overall had a nice and relaxing Easter Sunday. Life's good when you can spend time like this with the ones you love.

(And it didn't hurt that I sold some LEGO while doing all this :) )

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Created a new cocktail: 30 ml white Port, 30 ml Vodka, 30 ml fresh pressed Lemon Juice, 20 ml Honey Syrup (Acacia Honey recommended), 10 ml Parfait Amour. Shake, (fine)strain into chilled champagne coupe. Preliminary name: Rosebud. Enjoy :)

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1 hour ago, thegooch49 said:

I put down my $1K deposit for a Tesla Model 3 today. Felt a little insane doing it without any info on the car, but I'm in.

Is there a triple-like button?

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4 hours ago, Alpinemaps said:

Saw this just up the freeway from my place

Can you imagine the phone call with your insurance company? "Yes, I was rear ended by an airplane. That's right, an airplane."

It's on the news.  Go streak, since it's warm out, but warn us first so we can switch off the TV before you do.

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2 hours ago, exciter1 said:

It's on the news.  Go streak, since it's warm out, but warn us first so we can switch off the TV before you do.

I'll pass on the streaking, thank you.

Guess I'm a little surprised it made the news outside of San Diego.  I can see the freeway from my house - it's still significantly backed up.  Probably will be that way for awhile longer, too.  Sadly, there was a fatality.  They still haven't moved the plane, and two of the four lanes are still closed down.

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