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Angry Birds 2016


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I bought all of these from Kmart the other day as my kids love the games and characters.  I do question the profitability of these as some other lines seem like duds, but who knows.  

Time will tell. My son has been bugging me weekly asking when the movie is coming out.

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On March 20, 2016 at 3:13 PM, Kenxxx said:

I saw these available at kmart.com, and was tempted but didn't buy.  Looking for the best quick flip, I was leaning towards the 75825 PPS. It's not the biggest set (easier to ship), and has the lowest ppb - especially for what looks like a fair number of big chunky pieces.  Also like that it's a pirate ship, I like the play features of the ship, the fact that it's on wheels, the paddle wheel and oar motion, etc.  And I like the minifigs the best.  I don't know about everyone else, but when I play Angry Birds, Bomb Bird is far and away my favorite bird and for now, he seems exclusive to this set.  I think this set is the top of the line.

Thanks to your post I ordered a PPS Sunday for $33 after points and coupons and it arrived today.  I finished the first 3 of 6 numbered bags and they realy did give this $60 MSRP set the UCS treatment. The single instruction book (cardboard backed to keep it neat) is done realy well,  bound book orientation so it doesn't flop closed. It is printed on light blue paper which I find makes it easier to see the pieces. The printed sails also come cardboard backed to keep them flat and are in their own package. There are NO stickers and some neat new printed elements, and a green apple!  So far the build is pretty straight forward, fun and fast paced. Will post a pic tomorrow when it is complete. No clue how this set will do but it may be the poor man's Sea Cow or a good substitute to popping those seals on a MISB set. 

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My gut says no. Apart from being popular on mobile phones and tablets more than a year ago, I don't see why. The only way this might become attractive is if the movie is a huge success and it triggers numerous sequels.

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1 minute ago, justapilgrim said:

Should I invest in X set the month it comes out? No. This goes for every theme ever times infinity.

With the only exception perhaps LEGO Shop at Home exclusives for which you want a large inventory (say 50) and you have no other way to buy them than the lego shop.

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