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Congrats on the new forum update & status...

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Jeff and Ed:

Looks like you're back and running.  Congrats.  I like the new look, well done.  Badges did disappear, search is busted, and a couple of other things I assume you're still working out the bugs.  Thanks again, let us know if we can help.

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Most, if not all the features we had and NEW ONES will be added.  This is a completely new template.  It takes time to change headers, colors, plug ins, etc..  Plus he has to get rest of the site to get back running because of the things that were modified for the new forum.  

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Is anyone able to access the regular site? As in their Brickfolio, etc? 


Good luck with the rest of the updates!

​Jeff has some adjustments to make in order to get the full site operational.  It all works together.  This is the first step.

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Very nice! I was getting a little homesick, but sometimes you have to wait for the remodel.

Me too!  Super homesick and I wasn't getting emails every 2 minutes on the various topics I follow which I actually missed.  Didn't realize how much of a withdrawal I was going to go through.  So glad the site is back!

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