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eBay.com Web Site Technical Questions and Answers


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jaisonline merged and created this thread...



I created this post for people to discuss eBay technical subjects such as web site availability, errors, accidental feedback left, searching, etc....


This thread is  NOT for shipping questions unless there is a technical question related to the web site as we have many shipping threads already. Use the thread below.

The 2 posts below might be merged at some point.  If done, I'll update the links.





This thread is also for not stating problems with sellers or buyers as there's a thread for that also.  Use the thread below.


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That was a fabulous buying opportunity.  The website was down, but the apps were still working. This meant bidding was very sparse and deals were to be had.


I searched a few of my favorite categories (not just LEGO) for:

  • Auctions Only
  • Ending Soonest
  • Minimum 1 Bid

Picked up a few things for 20%-30% less than they would normally go for. Unfortunately I didn't spot any good deals in silver or gold bullion. :notme:



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I've had it. Like legit boiling point mad. I'm hoping someone here can give me an answer.

I want to talk to someone about increasing my selling limits.

I don't want to be on hold for what is now 2.5 hours between three days. Stop transferring me. Stop reading a script.

I just want to speak with someone. That is all.

What's the trick to getting through to eBay. I'm asking this question after ten years of selling on eBay.

They just don't care anymore.

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I've used everything. I always get an increase everytime. I call but never had to wait on hold for more then a few minutes. Are these hold times new....

The hold times have been very high lately, mainly because of all the glitches, I to had the 2 hours wait times a few times last week.  Best time is 8-9am for me, called yesterday and was through in 3-5 minutes.  Since they got rid of dedicated account managers it just goes to a "mini team" now so really doesn't matter the size of the account.  We had a rep about a year and half ago and they were actually flying down to talk to us about growth.  2 months later they scrapped the plan and said "individual reps" were going away and back to team reps.  

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And it's times like these that Amazon looks appealing.... I just can't sell half the thing I sell there and I've had issues with them in the past

Yeah they both seem to have there ups and downs.  Amazon just has to many restrictions like you said.  We get in all sorts of product and its just a pain to be only able to sell certain products. Just try earlier if you can and hopefully you can get through quicker.  

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New to me, today a buyer sent me a message on one of my BIN listings and when I respond it gives me the option to make a Best Offer.


Yes, they seem to be testing out new offer & time limit options. At this point it is very hit & miss - sometimes you get the new options, sometimes you don't.

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Since eBay removed the free Buy It Now listings under the 'Toys and Games' section a few months ago, I've been paying the 30 cents for the BIN listing and have been checking the box which says 'Automatically Re-List 2 Times if Item doesn't sell.' Yet, some of my items aren't re-listing on their own. 


1. I don't have multiples of the same items to sell, so I'm only selling one of each in question.

2. My pictures are in complete compliance with their resolution/size requirements. 


I've always thought that the auto re-list didn't work because of 1 or 2, but it's starting to look pretty random to me now.


Anyone else having similar issues? Any workarounds you're aware of? I'm a small-time, casual seller, selling more to afford my own collection, so having an eBay store doesn't make much sense for me given the volume of product I aim to move (or lack thereof).


Also, while at it, the 'new and improved' eBay has been automatically checking off 'Best Offer' options for me, and this seems to affect me only on Google Chrome...

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Guest brickcrazyhouse

I'm in the same boat as you. The relisting is only working some of the time with no rhyme or reason

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I just called eBay. They said they ended the "promotion" that was the "Automatically relist this item 2 times if it doesn't sell" option. They have now changed that to "Automatically relist this item 1 time if it doesn't sell." 


I just tried and this is a true statement.


However, the part that bugs me is that even items that I'd listed a month ago with the 'relist 2 times' checked did not relist even once! So... more free money for eBay since I have to manually relist each one... tough to like a service that doesn't keep its end of the deal.  :negative: 

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