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Ebay 12/19/20 Update. I've bolded what I think is most important. One of the mods might want to pin this: https://community.ebay.com/t5/Announcements/Seller-Protections-extended-for-shipping-delays-and-Northeast/ba-p/31444414

Further complicating carrier delays from record-breaking shipment volumes, a major winter storm has hit the Northeast and could impact some deliveries. We are continually monitoring carrier networks, shipping performance, and are also closely following the inclement weather paths. To those sellers who may be affected by severe weather, please stay safe.


We are extending estimated delivery dates and are adding additional time to receive an initial carrier scan for all sellers. This additional time for the first physical carrier scan will be applied to transactions from November 15th through the end of the year. Because the December standards evaluation period is this weekend, we will review and adjust your standards as needed retroactively to mid-November. 


A reminder of how you and your business are protected during this time:

eBay will acknowledge your products were shipped on time when any one of the following happens:

  • Tracking shows a physical carrier scan any time within your stated handling time.  Effective November 15, this includes an additional 2 days  from the standard handling time window you’ve committed to in your listings to accommodate extended delays 
  • Buyer answers “Yes” to item arrived on-time when leaving feedback
  • Tracking shows a delivery scan within the latest delivery date for the shipping service selected  

Even in cases where a buyer may see a faster delivery estimate, your shipment will be considered on time if it arrives by the latest day for the shipping service. For example, if you use a standard shipping service with a 1-5 day delivery time plus your stated handling time of 2 days, the item needs to arrive within 7 working days. If your package is delivered any time during this period, we recognize that you shipped on-time.


We will automatically remove any defects, and associated negative or neutral feedback for “item not received” cases closed without seller resolution when: 

  • Tracking was uploaded and has a physical scan from the carrier before the case was opened.
  • A delivery scan shows the item was delivered after the case was closed. 
  • In addition, these cases will not impact your service metrics rating.   

We continue to monitor and evaluate carrier transit time and delays and we’ll make adjustments where necessary.

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Bought 2 additional Apple Lightning chargers and cables for $16 on EBay the other day. Now when I go back into my purchase history, the seller has reused the listing to sell refurbished 13" MacBooks, and the description and picture show these computers?

*evil grin*Shall I file a SNAD when my cables arrive?

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