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79018 - The Lonely Mountain

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Any theories on why these are being discounted? Are they likely to restock if they sell out?

My best guess is short production run, the Hobbit films are done, there seems little need to leave the sets lingering around the shelves. Ya it`s only been about 6 months, but in another 6 a reckon this one is gone, if not before then. What would be the point in keeping them around for a more traditional 1 year, or more, lifecycle? It`s possible, but this one hasn`t seen that much availability to begin with, not compared to most of the other Hobbit sets nevermind anything else. 20% off, plus x2 VIP is the time to buy, unless you can score even cheaper, but if you want this set I`d get it sooner rather than later, absolutely. 



That said, maybe now Lego will re-release a gigantic pile of them to flood the market  :taunt:

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Maybe I missed it but are you guys saying it's going on sale at the B&M lego stores in Canada with 2xVIP?

Confirmed, phoned my nearest Lego store. 20% off. Got a few hours on my timetable tomorrow so may stop by. $120 with $12 back plus 5%, delicious. 

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