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  1. Poncke

    5489 Ultimate LEGO Vehicle Building Set

    Thanks guys, I've put it up for 125 euro, lets see how it goes. Not in a hurry. 
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  2. Poncke

    City 2022

    @cladner, thanks for letting me know, thats comforting.
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  3. brickolodon

    Daily LEGO Deals - USA

    LEGO Creator Expert Gingerbread House Building Kit 10267 - back in stock - in for 3 :0
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  4. FM

    Selling through Amazon FBA

    Watch where they're being sent. For Nov (or early Dec) FBA shipments I reverse my normal split shipment strategy. For most of the year I'll steer my shipments to the FC 10 miles away and let AZ pay to transfer them all over the country and I don't mind waiting. Later in the year I want several split shipments because the product is more likely not to be transferred and is active sooner... So to answer your question, if you get a shipment split to 3 FCs in your region, maybe:). Also weigh in if
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  5. redghostx

    What did you do today?

    Interesting discussion. My son refused to sleep. Sleep training didn't rrally help because although he would go to sleep within 15-30 minutes, he would never stay asleep. His best game was waking up at 10/12/2/4/630, (royal flush?) Thirty five months later, he finally slept through the night and we jokingly assumed he died. (: Now, except when he has a cold, he sleeps through the night or at least until 4/5am and we can coax him back to sleep until I wake up I always assumed that he had tro
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  6. Gonkalin

    Counterfeit Lego Listings on Walmart.com

    You’re correct. People knowingly buying fake lego sets is NOT ok. What happened to me was seller selling real lego sets but shipping fakes to buyers. Two totally separate problems. Both are wrong for different reasons. 
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  7. MarleyMoose

    Why so serious? Have a laugh!

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  8. Gonkalin

    What Lego set did you sell today and for how much?

    “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…”  
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  9. Pseudoty

    Musical Picks

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  10. SpaceFan9

    Thread of Packaging Excellence

    My illager raid order was switched from 'ship it' to 'free home delivery' by walmart after I ordered. It didn't even have a bag when it arrived.  Just a stack of colorful bare lego boxes, exposed to the elements on my front porch.  Thankfully I was home at the time. 
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  11. Goofball814

    Complaint Thread

    Yes.  I bought several Bird of Paradises @ $79.99.  2 weeks later, it was $69.99.  I just took my receipt, and they adjusted.  Easy Peasy, lemos squeezy. 
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  12. Alpinemaps

    My order status

    Yep.  Of course after I posted, I got notice that it's been dispatched, lol.
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  13. Poncke

    75313 - UCS AT-AT

    Seems the Lightsabre is listed in Europe for around 150 euro. I have one on sale for 130 euro, but no takers yet. 
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  14. Al Legorical

    Bricklink's AFOL Designer Program 2021

    Lol. 'Must feel he/she/they are now **famous**  
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  15. Pseudoty

    Creator 2022

    Brickset review interesting it is anatomically correct:  https://brickset.com/article/67633/review-31129-majestic-tiger-part-1
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  16. Mathew

    Lego x Target Collection

    Schlocky looking goods. Lord Business must be running things. There are people buying this crap that have probably never built anything without directions. 
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  17. TheOrcKing

    Minecraft - general discussion

    Some cute ideas, overall just okay. I like The Mushroom House; it's something I would do in game, could build a larger scale forest with more of the set, and cheapest way to get a Mooshroom I think. Fox Lodge has a printed map from the back shots. Weird getting a Creeper right as it is exploding in The Creeper Ambush but good for animators.   Axolotls.  
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  18. coelian

    Monkie Kid 2020

    You're welcome, maybe I'll sit down with my kids to watch it tomorrow. That show is actually older than me and made in 1965!  In the last few years there have been multiple monkey King related movies from Asia, I'm not super thrilled with the cgi though.  When the Flower and Fruit mountain set came out, I bought it when it first went on sale. The memories from the animated film was just too nostalgic for me not to buy the set. But you kind of have to watch the show to know why. 
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  19. mplsabdullah

    What LEGO set did you build today?

    Daughter made these guys 😃
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  20. BrickLover80

    2021 LEGO VIP Rewards Discussion

    Anyone here got a fleece blanket on CM? I called customer service today about something unrelated and asked if the blanket might come back (when there is something to buy). Apparently they ran out at 5pm.  
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  21. You may get to store and find that they cancelled 4 of them per "your request".
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  22. coelian

    Ideas #030: 21322 - Pirates of Barracuda Bay

    Not in ch though, there is no in stock notification button for me as well. 
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  23. ravenb99

    2021 Vidiyo

    top right it shares with the minifigs on right side of them
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  24. airhanny

    Tru back from the dead?

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  25. Mathew

    Star Wars 2022

    They priced it for rich AFOLs who need to fill up their $800 AT-AT with troops. 
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