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00009-Seneschal - Solar Union Peacekeeper Frame


The 00009 is the production model of the UMD-30 "Acheron" frame, re-purposed as a peacekeeping unit by the Solar Union to guard Transit Gates, Government Installations and other key public facilities.

Unlike the Acheron, the Seneschal has had its armor bulked up, favoring durability over mobility, though it retains the Acheron's iconic head-mounted sensor array.

Its armament includes a heavy plasma beam cannon for ranged attacks, and a vibro-glaive for melee encounters.

LFOW's Note: This is actually the first frame I've designed which is going to hit the market! I'll be listing this frame on an eBay auction sometime soon when I work out some details. Testing the waters to see if my designs have a place amongst people who would prefer to buy complete MFZ frames rather than go through the process of obtaining parts and building themselves.




© LFoW
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It's now sold!

That's superb! And I only just noticied this now but that was very creative use of the Decorator's paintroller handle. Pure genius. I can't see myself cutting some translucent antenna parts to use in a way like you did here but admire you can let alone think outside the box in that way.


I still think this design is built of 'pure win'.

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