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9468 - Vampyre Castle


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Anyone hear anything about the rumoured Monster minifigures Series later this year? If it`s true, it will definitely boost sales of VC and the rest of the theme as well. 


The set number is 71010 and the release date is October 2015. Pics floating around the interwebs. Should go well with Scooby Do.

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Looks like these are selling well over $100 now and I think it might be a nice strategy to bundle with the Ghost Train if possible for $200+

However, I like what others are suggesting, which is to wait until fall Sept/Oct and sell here in the U.S. for a seasonal treat!

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cladner earlier post was a casualty of merging threads. I quoted it on my response instead

back on topic - if we really do get a monster themed minifigure release timed for halloween that will certainly juice the value of Monster fighter themed sets including this one.  i am sort of mystified why it hasn't done better.  only reason i can think of is the HH steals the show.  eventually VC will be the poor man's HH.

​Agreed with the effect of monster CMF.  VC has always been poor man's HH. At MSRP the difference was only $80.  However, when HH climbs up, the much cheaper VC is an alternative for anyone who does not want to spend $400+ on HH.  At least my hope is customers see $175 VC as a deal when the king of the hill is selling for $400 each ;)

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I think the Haunted House hurt this set as far as value goes.  It's easily the best "castle" that Lego has released in the past five or six years time (Kingdom's Joust is more like large facade than complete structure).  I think it also probably sat too long on shelves when it went to being a TRU Exclusive.

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Right now, everyone is trying to buy up all the MF sets! I've been selling the castles and ghost trains for $125+ easily...

I have the same impression. The new monster figures will have a very positive effect on the Monster Fighter Theme. I even pulled back some ads with MF sets and will wait and see what happens. 

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