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75055 - Imperial Star Destroyer


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So back to the old news of new sets, the 2014 Star Destroyer! Something that hasn't been seen in minifigure scale for 8 years. But when I compare the two, I would almost choose the older 2006 over 2014. Almost, but not quite. I think the realistic look and figures are good. However, there's the obvious nagging thing about it being smaller than 2006's. But that didn't really matter since half of the ship was really an escape pod launcher. But is the new half any different? It seems pretty basic for what you pay. Is that set worth $130?  And there's no more helmet changing station either! I had hoped for an improved one, but since the station was on the Super Star I guess they went for accuracy maybe?

My biggest reason for asking is my hope to sell my used 2006 Star Destroyer for more than $160 (I am more a collector than investor, and I still play with the sets, believe it or not, but I sell them when I want new ones). Will this set negatively affect the price of 2006's model? Does size matter? Either way, I think I am going to buy 2014's new one, probably after selling my own one. But should the time to sell it be now or later? Thoughts? 

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I only have a used 2006 version....would you sell it and buy new one for upgrade?

I also have the 2006 version of the ship. I really like the one from 2006, but there are some better features on the new version that make me want to buy it. On the other hand, I still want to keep my 2006 version. For me, I would probably get the new one if it is one a really good sale at a store. If I do get it, I will probably display it right next to my 2006 version.

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Target has 75055 imperial star destroyer for $105 + tax.

Burnaby apparently has 1, every where else is dry in the lower mainland unless they get some stock. The only stores I didn't call was maple ridge, abbotsford and chilliwack. The set rings up at full price but show that pic if you come across one, the date shows it's good until Oct. 16th.

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It shows Valid till oct 16th.

You know what this means, buy it at TRU, price match with bricktober promo. If the stores don't have it in stock, buy it online and immediately go to the TRU refund counter with your receipt before you even get the item, or just call. I'm in Seattle now and bought them online and called them earlier tonight with my order ID and they gave me the deal with free promo to boot. My star destroyers will be waiting for me next week in Vancouver. Flipping the promo can knock the price down to about $90.

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