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10235 - Winter Village Market

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Up to this many.....

The set has been revealed:  

For those that missed out on this set, don't worry, it will be back in a few years.

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A poster from Eurobricks who has NEVER led anybody astray. There are very few people I quote about rumors, but he is one of them. He has done this with other sets as well in the past, like Palace Cinema, and has never been wrong.

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Oy! My mastery of the English language is deplorable.

I was not trying to be snarky if it came off that way. In my own little way I was trying to confirm what your source said with a picture of the (possible) designer holding up a clap board confirming the same.

Think nothing of it. I did not take offense to the question at all. To be honest, I didn't even look at the picture you put up that close until this time to notice what she was talking about. The person in question had made similar statements in the past giving early confirmation about sets that were upcoming, simply stating that "x" set was coming and that more info would be given when it was possible. It was stated that the next Winter Village set was going to be a market, so I thought I would pass it along since it is a very popular theme.

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Wow. Seems to be listed as retired in all counties except Canada and US.

If this is true, we have a home run here. Extremely short 5-6 month Euro production run with a popular themed set. ...and it retired without notice. Target.com is currently sold-out so there goes buying them for a 90 day return policy. Looks like Amazon has 823 units left.

You know... Everytime I went into a Lego story his past holiday season! I never saw this set. It could have been a slow seller compared to past sets so they give it the hook so soon? I also thought it looked sorts out of place next to the other winter sets as it reminded me of a snow circus.

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