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What LEGO set(s) are you piecing together from bulk.

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Working through a recently purchased bulk lot, so far from it I've managed to complete


3 x 75002 - AT-RT (2 pieces bricklinked to complete)

2 x 75039 - V-Wing Starfighter

1 x 70809 - Lord Business' Evil Lair (4 pieces bricklinked to complete)

1 x 70723 - Thunder Raider


Identified but yet to be checked/built


70724 - Ninjacopter

70807 - Metalbeard's Duel

42007 - Moto Cross Bike (suspect there may be two of these)

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I'm trying to finish buying all the pieces for two train sets that I have put off for a long time.

Now that I know how to use BL most efficiently, I can purchase all the bulk parts!

Sets 4558 and 4561. I have the boxes for both sets and only the manual for 4561... So much to do, so little time!

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Almost done with a 7676. This was actually the first set I started from my first bulk buy way back. I've moved since then. I put it off to do other smaller lots over the years. I've decided to finish it so I can sell it off. I have to get to the ISD's I've left hanging next. Purge.. Purge... I say. Too much to buy and hold. 002_zpsa0cd4422.jpg

The bulk thing is fun to a point until it takes up a room with no end in sight...ever. No end as this is just some I have organized to deal with and plenty unsorted needing to be cleaned which have non lego bricks, crap, stale crackers, batteries, jewelry, money, rocks and more crap, ect.... You know what I mean.

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Im building 7754, 6212, 7675, 7627


Some minifigures are missing. So do i just sell the built sets with no figures?


Also I think the lot has a rare smooth haired leia, is this posisble from the set number above. She doesnt have the same outfit as the ones on ebay.



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This is a pretty motivating thread, first time I've come across it. Is there a preference where you guys get your bulk lots from, ebay, Craigslist etc.?

A few from EBay and some from CL and some small really profitable ones off of local FB virtual yard sales. I'm thinking of unloading all my bulk. The passion has subsided.
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This is one of my favorite threads, thought I'd share a bit. I recently completed building a series of Star Wars sets I pieced back together from a collection I purchased last year (as others have said, bulk is rather time consuming!). Here's the "hero shot" of each of the sets, I haven't had a change to assemble the 6211 ISD missing from the sequence quite yet....








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Awesome! I've been unloading most of my bulk.  I don't know why. I've has lost the will to sort.... I'm cherry picking some stuff to save though

Like many others here, I also have a 'backlog' of bulk lots to get to. In the beginning, I would complete each and every set I could identify, regardless of size or value. Now I am definitely more selective because of time constraints. I have a feeling I'll eventually be selling of much of the excess I've accumulated. I'm looking forward to it, since it is essentially the spoils of this end of the Lego hustle and it will be a nice little 'bonus' to reinvest at that time.

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