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What LEGO set(s) are you piecing together from bulk.

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I recently picked up a bulk bin of lego: mostly castle and pirates and was worried I was overpaying, but I wanted the pirate sets. It was missing a bunch of stuff, but fortunately a second bin was located and I bought that too.

This was a great find. They all ended up 98-100% complete and near mint (horse bardings have all clips, no scratches, minifigures in great shape, most flags don't have broken clips, the worst set was missing 10 parts at one part each). Mountain baseplates have no marks, except for the pirate one, and that's on the underside of the "cave" indentation. There's not really any dust anywhere so these have been packed up for a couple of decades.

6246 Crocodile Cage
6261 Raft Raiders
6262 King Kahuka's Throne
6266 Cannon Cove
6270 Forbidden Island
6274 Caribbean Clipper
6276 Eldorado's Fortress

1463 Treasure Cart
1491 Dual Defender
6034 Black Monarch's Ghost
6038 Wolfpack Renegades
6042 Dungeon Hunters
6048 Majistos Magical Workshop
6056 Dragon Wagon
6057 Sea Serpent
6075 Wolfpack Tower
6078 Royal Drawbridge
6081 King's Mountain Fortress :)
6086 Black Knight's Castle... Except it's missing the white feathers :-(

1822 Sea Claw 7
6104 Aquacessories
6115 Shark Scout x2
6155 Deep Sea Predator
6175 Crystal Explorer Sub
6190 Sharks Crystal Cave
6195 Neptune Discovery Lab

Few small blacktron/mtron sets
6975 UFO Alien avenger
6755 Sheriff's Lock Up
Few random creator, technic, sport, and city sets like coastal cutter.

All have instructions, a few have boxes in good condition, a few have destroyed boxes. Some polybags are still here too.

Overall, lots of fun ahead to finish building. I can probably sell the aqua sets and random stuff to get close to break even after buying parts on order. I get to keep the pirate and castle sets 98%+ complete for free and slowly order parts in the US once the pandemic slows down and the border opens.

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