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What is your Top 10 list of Most Iconic Lego sets of all-time?

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9 hours ago, jaisonline said:

Why do you consider 6, 9 and 10 iconic? 

VI 10212 UCS Imperial Shuttle -> sleek white spaceship, maybe the most elegant (on par and honorable mention to UCS X Wings and UCS Slave I), ages very well
IX 9474 The Battle of Helm's Deep -> a castle and at the same time a very well known battle scene (I believe LoTR is one of the most sold books of all times if we exclude religion matters) (honorable mention to other castles also from my youth that are aging very well)
X 19217 Diagon Alley -> well known factor as HP follows LoTR/TheHobbit in popularity (had to pick between this one and Hogwarts Castle), seems to age well and impressive (honorable mention to many modulars which did not make it to my list)



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My list in no particular order..(Huge SW fan so my judgement is swayed).

10188 -Death Star - The playability of this set is remarkable.. MINIFIGURES MINIFIGURES MINIFIGURES .. 

10189 Taj Majal - Just a gorgeous set .. Few display this well from 360•.. 

10214 -Tower Bridge- Another breath taking set when displayed.. A hit internationally for obvious reasons.. 

3450 - Statue Of Liberty- gorgeous,simply use of Lego building techniques to construct a work of art..  

10236- Ewok Village - Looks like a true movie scene... Unreal MINIFIGURES .. 

10181 -Eiffel Tower - looks amazing displayed about anywhere..almost forgetting its Lego.. 

76023 - Tumbler- I know its relatively new but It is my personal favorite batmobile ever designed. I don't think I am alone on that one. 

10178- Motorized At At- I mean C'mon its a huge motorized At At !!

10179 - MF- the most recognizable ship from Star Wars and the biggest baddest version of it! 

71006 - Simpson House- been watching Bart and family for decades. I had to have this house along with half of America!

i could go on, but this is ten I personal love and think that the world did too!  

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40 minutes ago, Reiisan said:

Can't pull a top 10, but I can do top 5:

10179 - Millenium Falcon

10030 - Star Destroyer

10019 - Rebel Blockade Runner

4502 - X-Wing Fighter

10129 - Snow Speeder

(You'd never guess I was a Star Wars fan)

I think if you add 5 sets like Taj Mahal, emerald night, yellow castle, cafe corner and fort legoredo the list above would be a good top 10 :) 

and still.... many iconic sets would still be omitted like tower bridge, galaxy space, king's castle, imperial flagship, grand carousal, statue of liberty and black seas barracuda

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On 13/11/2016 at 1:33 PM, jaisonline said:

I think if you add 5 sets like Taj Mahal, emerald night, yellow castle, cafe corner and fort legoredo the list above would be a good top 10 :) 

and still.... many iconic sets would still be omitted like tower bridge, galaxy space, king's castle, imperial flagship, grand carousal, statue of liberty and black seas barracuda

I remember the yellow castle - it was one of the first Lego sets I owned as a kid. I got it for a birthday, spent all day building it, then distinctly remember a friend coming round to play, then I went to the toilet or to get a drink or something and when I got back he had broken it up into a million pieces. I went nuts and him but all he kept saying was "it wasn't me, it was this crazy knight!" while holding a knight on a horse. Scarred for life I was.

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1) Model Team Giant Truck (This is the set that made my 13 year old self a LEGO fan for life)

2) UCS Millennium Falcon

3) Technic Super Car 8880 (This is the set that got me into Technic)

4) M-Tron Mega Core Magnetizer (When LEGO space sets were cool)

5) Technic Back-Hoe 8455 (Such an awesome set and the pneumatic functions have yet to be matched)

6) UCS Imperial Shuttle

7) Cafe Corner

8 Black Seas Barracuda

9) Apollo Saturn V (is it still too early to include this? It is such a great looking set and will end up as an iconic one)

10) Taj Mahal

These are my most iconic sets.

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Keeping this objective as I can, but obviously influenced by my personal preferences and experiences…in no particular order:

  1. Black Seas Barracuda: The “original” pirate ship and the basis for construction for every ship that followed. Imperial Flagship is awesome, but the BSB is where it all started; instantly recognizable and has aged well despite being three decades old.
  2. Taj Mahal: Despite the recent release “from the vault” this set was recognized for years for being the largest and also having the highest piece count. Certainly and expensive set that many people couldn’t afford, but many people wanted just because of its size.
  3. Green Grocer: While not first on the block within the Modular Buildings line, its release indicated that this theme was more than just the CC and it added interior features. Moreover, it’s just a beautiful building that has aged very well as is instantly recognizable within the Lego community. It could be re-released tomorrow without any changes from the original.
  4. Death Star 10188: This set knocked everyone’s socks off for years…and is still on the shelves in its updated form today. While I personally don’t like the set, it has fulfilled the role of Lego meets iconic cinema location. Z’OMG Lego Death Star! Every kid out there thinks this set is cool and its immense size/features makes it an impressive addition to any collection. Will be instantly recognizable for years to come.
  5. 10179 UCS MF: This set was iconic on release day and has become legendary across media and fills an important chapter in both Lego and SW collecting history. Anytime a work college of mine would hear that I had a large Lego collection they would ask “do you have that giant MF?”
  6. VW T1 Camper: Yep, this is certainly an iconic Lego set. I have two non-Lego collector friends that have one of these sets. It has become a staple in many adult collection and is obviously a great seller and ambassador for the Lego brand. Once it finally retires, it’s contribution will finally be realized.
  7. Lego Castle 375: I’m stumped here as I have had the pleasure of owning a many Lego castles over the years and they all are charming in some way. Hard to decide which one is most iconic…especially with new licenced castles such as 71043 Hogwarts and the Disney Castle pushing the boundaries of what people are willing to pay for a plastic toy. Right now, I’d have to pick the original yellow castle set 375, instantly recognizable for a mile away and set the train in motion for all castles that followed.
  8. 10228 Haunted House: Released during the height of the “zombie” interest phase in pop culture, it’s one of those special sets that provided the brand with something different. A fantastic set with great proportions and traditional architecture highlights. Seems to be one of those sets that will forever be desirable and iconic.
  9. Winter Village Toy Shop: While not a massive set, it captures the imagination and sense of holiday magic perfectly. Great proportions and instantly recognizable, one of those sets that set the conditions for the ultimate success and longevity of the Winter Village series.
  10. 6399 Airport Shuttle (monorail): The only set on this list that I haven’t owned and built, it has a legacy and lure that is undeniable. Every time there’s one for sale local in my area is scooped up in minutes. Certainly iconic across the Lego brand.


Simpsons’ House: I remember when this was announced by Lego, the internet went crazy. Perfect execution for such a recognizable scene in television. This set is timeless.

Emerald Night 10194: Personally a set I could never part with. Perfect in so many ways. All in all a beautiful set that demonstrates what can be achieved with Lego bricks. Able to be appreciated even by those who aren’t into trains.

UCS R2-D2: A set every SW collector must have in their collection; great build with nice features. Perfect combination of Lego and SW, a set that can be enjoyed by non-Lego enthusiasts.

Technic Porsche: Fantastic set with great features. Took risks and pushed the boundaries of what can be archived within the Technic line. I actually have this set on display in my office at work.


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1 hour ago, jaisonline said:

Question for the masses.


With the recent rehashes and remakes, has the “top ten Iconic” list changed much?

The new falcon and carousel have certainly diminished the originals. Could also happen with the haunted house and star destroyer. 

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My turn. This is really hard as there are just so many sets now.

10. Tower of Orthanc

9. Destiny's Bounty

8. Hogwarts Castle 71043

7. Fort Legoredo - Personal most iconic set as a kid and just never got it, which still is difficult.

6. UCS Millennium Falcon - Pick one any one.

5. Cafe Corner - Even through my dark ages, I still kept getting and building these.

4. Medieval Market Village

3. Airport Shuttle 6399 - Again, never had it, hopefully it is eventually remade again.

2. Tower Bridge - The best team building set I've ever built. You can essentially build a tower a person without continually bumping heads.

1. Cargo Railway 4559 - My first big Lego experience when I was 6. Kicked off everything. I'm sure everyone has an experience similar.

There were probably 50 sets plus that I could justify putting into this list, just goes to show how long my relationship with Lego has been now.

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11 minutes ago, marcandre said:

The new falcon and carousel have certainly diminished the originals. Could also happen with the haunted house and star destroyer. 

The Star Destroyer for sure, the new version is a huge improvement.



These two are much too different for comparison. The first looks like that house you'd hear rumors about while in school, and has actual monsters in it. The latter is very clean and very much looks like a haunted attraction at an amusement park.

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I'd very much agree with the significance of 42056. Was a bit of a risk at the time in terms of size and cost, and came with unusual, more adult-themed packaging. It was a smash hit, has spawned a line of products, and shifted TLG's focus for many of their larger sets. They are now releasing most large D2Cs with more 'grown-up' packaging moving forward, and they are releasing increasing varieties of adult-targeted sets that would have been seen as too far-out and risky just a few years ago. As far as I can tell, 42056 was the catalyst for all this.


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5 hours ago, jaisonline said:

Question for the masses.


With the recent rehashes and remakes, has the “top ten Iconic” list changed much?

On 1/29/2014 at 8:32 PM, Huskers1236 said:

I tried to limit mine to sets I either owned, own, or absolutely love so they make the list anyway.  Many of these are from my childhood.  In no real order, they are:


10179 UCS Millenium Falcon - Probably the best set of all time

10210 Imperial Flagship - Stunning ship, best of all time I think

10189 Taj Mahal - Only set here I never had, but I want it bad

10237 Tower of Orthanc - Amazing set in person, very formidable

6080 King's Castle - Had this as a kid, loved it

6985 Cosmic Fleet Voyager - This was my main ship as a kid

6990 Monorail - My only train like set

6276 ElDorado Fortress

6277 Imperial Trading Post - Both awesome "good-guy" Pirates sets

6769 Fort Legoredo - Classic Western set that is really cool and a must have if you like this theme

Great question, especially since so much has come out since this thread was created.  I'll make mine a little less childhood this time, though some of those still stand out.


1) UCS Millennium Falcon - Either would deserve to be here.  10179 for how it served as the gold standard for so many years, and 75192 for how much they improved upon it.

2) 10189 Taj Mahal - Amazing set in person.  Need to build mine again.

3) 10181 Eiffel Tower - Very impressive in size, honestly needs an update structurally through, similar to 10030

4) 10030 UCS Star Destroyer - I don't own the new one yet, so this will sit in its place for now.  Massive but needed the update it got.  

5) 42083 Bugatti Chiron - Masterpiece in Technic ingenuity.  

6) 10210 Imperial Flagship - Still the gold standard for pirate ships.  

7) 6990 Monorail - While not "Classic" space, this is about as coveted a space set as there is and blew everything previous out of the water with the motorized components

8. 71043 Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle - The HP set we wanted for so long in small scale.  

9) 10261 Creator Roller Coaster - There are other roller coasters, but the sheer size of this and the ability to motorize it make it a must have for fairground builders

10) 10255 Assembly Square - Using elements of its predecessors, this modular is almost perfect in build techniques, colors, build quality.  


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For a personal "iconic" list, it would turn into my favorite sets, which I debate continuously.

Considering iconic from the view of everyone (not just myself) and trying to avoid recency bias, my list would be as follows:

1. 10179 Falcon: Massive, detailed, and from the most closely associated licensed theme of Lego. Bonus: made a name for Lego investing

2. 10182 Cafe Corner: Started it all with modulars

3. 6285 Black Sea Barracuda: most closely associated with one of the original cherished themes, led to the ships of today

4. 10189 Taj Mahal: Right behind 10179 with increased value, bummer that they ruined the market with 10256

5. 10188 Death Star: stayed around for years as the poster child for playability

6. 10210 Imperial Flagship: IMO the most display worthy set for an office, hotel, C-suite back desk, etc. Gold standard of pirate ships

7. 375 Castle: the classic and most basic (and not in a bad way) castle that a Lego fan would think of

8. 10194 Emerald Knight: one of the best train display pieces and one of the best representations of the trains theme

9. 71043 Hogwarts Castle: this would be much higher on a strictly personal list, but for fans in general I'll put it at the bottom

10. Take your pick of 10181 Eiffel Tower, 10030 Star Destroyer, 10196 Carousel, or similar

Honorable: Ninjago City and 10261 Rollercoaster are pretty sweet, but due to their recent releases I'm hesitant to put them in the "of all time" designation

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