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What is your Top 10 list of Most Iconic Lego sets of all-time?

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3724 Dragon

10179 UCS MF

10189 Taj Mahal

10226 SC

10181 Eiffel Tower

10228 HH

10196 Carousel

7784 UCS batmobile

3450 statue of liberty

10181 DS

Hmm. Interesting. Why the batmobile? I was actually thinking about the first Batman 1 batcave for my list. That set did prove Lego can do superheroes :)

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Hmm. Interesting. Why the batmobile? I was actually thinking about the first Batman 1 batcave for my list. That set did prove Lego can do superheroes :)


It was more of a personal choice. My first big lego set :D We need to have more than the top 10 though. 10 is too little :P

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1. Simpson House

2. UCS Imperial Shuttle

3. Parisian Restaurant

4. Imperial Flagship

5. Sopwith Camel

6. UCS Millennium Falcon

7. Unexpected Gathering

8. Tower of Orthanc

9. 10181 Death Star

10. Winter Village Cottage

Honorable mentions: Diagon Alley, Tower Bridge, Medieval Market Village, Taj Mahal, White House, Delorean

These are based off of my own build experiences, not future value predictions :)

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Small Reminder...

when i typed iconic, i meant it has to be well known, maybe continues to age well, considered impressive, maybe "break-thru" when introduced, etc... It doesn't need to be a list of sets that you had the opportunity to own or build. For me, I've only build 2 sets on my list and one another.

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Looking at these lists and thinking back to my own, the 2000-2009 had many great sets. ...and this is despite the company near total downfall (2002/2003) in that same decade. One or the Friends sets should prob make the "iconic" list since it has been a successful break-thru for Lego.

I seriously doubt if anything produced since 2010 will be iconic as say, UCS Mill Falcon or the Taj. Depending on the lifespan, my best bets are prob the Sidney Opera house due it's size and striking sloped roofs and Super Star Destroyer (size) The Simpsons house is also an excellent attempt and had a 10198 feel. Wait.. I just remembered 10120 (VW T1 Van) as it's been very popular.

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1. UCS Millenium Falcon - Everyday of the week and twice on Sundays
2. Taj Mahal - Epic sized, iconic and awesome

3. Sydney Opera House/Statue of Liberty/Eiffel Tower - throw a blanket over these iconic landmarks, released at different times but certainly attractive
6. Cafe Corner - the first of the modulars but certainly has lead to further improvements in making building far more intricate and eye catching
7. UCS ISD - a geek's wet dream when it was initially released
8. Tower of Orthanc - a set that transcends into geekdom, massively tall and stunning. 

9. VW Campervan - a stunning rendition
10. Imperial Flagship - an amazing, highly sought after ship that is well detailed.

The hardest part for me was working out what to leave out. I could have easilly swapped in the Technic Tow Truck and Live Star somewhere but the Parisian Restaraunt, Green Grocer, Sopwith Camel, etc etc etc, (I can go on and on) would all deserve a place as it comes down to personal preference.  

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Guest TabbyBoy

All time sets In order...


UCS Falcon

Cafe Corner


Fire Brigade

Taj Mahal

Eiffel Tower

Tower Bridge

VW Beetle

VW Camper

Minecraft The Forest



New/current sets in order...


UCS Falcon Second Edition ? (I keep hearing rumours of this and there's no smoke without fire, this is why I offloaded my 10179 last year)

Grand Emporium

Superstar Destroyer



Palace Cinema

Tower Bridge

VW Camper

Maersk Triple E

Mars Rover (I just can't stop ordering these!)



If the new UCS MF doesn't happen, everything else shifts up one place and Simpsons House goes 10th.

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In random order:

Statue of Liberty because it was the first of the big landmarks

Taj Mahal

UCS Millenium Falcon

Cafe Corner because it started the modulars. Prefer Green Grocer because better interior though.

Green Grocer. Best modular in my book although Parisian Restaurant and Pet Shop come close.

Black Seas Barracuda. My favorite set as a kid although only my cousin had it. Did get the reissue though.

Emerald Night. Nicest train.

Tower Bridge.

Battle of Helm's Deep. I have tower of Orthanc too, and it's amazing. But Helm's Deep just depicts a better scene from the movie.

Nr. 10 undecided.Haunted House, camper van, another modular, Orthanc, all good candidates.

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I tried to spread them out over a variety of themes. Here are the top ten iconic sets from my childhood to present day:


1. 6769 Fort Legoredo - Western

2. 5571 Giant Truck- Model Team

3. 10188 Death Star- Star Wars

4. 8880 Supercar- Technic

5. 6071 Forestmen's Crossing- Castle

6. 4558 Metroliner - Trains

7. 928 Space Cruiser and Moonbase - Space

8. 10182 Cafe Corner - Modulars

9. 6285 Black Seas Barracuda - Pirates

10. 9474 The Battle of Helm's Deep- LOTR


I believe these to be the defining sets for each theme

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I don't know if these sets are iconic for Lego as a whole, but they are iconic for me.  Some are from my childhood, some brought me out of my dark age.


1) Black Seas Barracuda - the first lego ship, still holds up today

2) Eldorado Fortress - Awesome looking fortress, very nice for the time, and I think it still looks great today.

3) Medieval Market Village - One of the sets that brought me out of my dark age, great to see more civilian castle sets.

4) 6990 Monorail Transport System - Made my Christmas one year, one of my prized sets and I still have it set up in my home 25 years later.

5) Black Monarch's Castle - One of the best of the older castles IMHO.  Nice colors, breaks the mold from the grey castles.

6) Haunted House - Unique theme, great build techniques, awesome display piece.

7) An Unexpected Gathering - One of the most iconic locations in LotR and Hobbit in Lego form.

8 ) 10210 Imperial Flagship - Another set that took me out of my dark age.  This thing is so detailed that most people don't realize it's Lego until they get up close to it.

9)  Camouflaged Outpost - One of the quinessential forestmen sets.

10) UCS Falcon - I don't own it, but I've seen it in person and it is massive, detailed, and accurate.  Shows what can be done with these little bricks and pieces.


Honorable mention:

9493 X-wing - There have been numerous variants done on this ship, but I think this one will stand out as a classic. Helps that it had a lifesize model built and displayed in times square.

Orthanc, Ewok Village, Modular Buildings... really any large Lego exclusive.  Lego saw the emerging adult market and starts to create large, expensive, detailed sets to appeal to that audience.

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In no specific order:

10228 Haunted House

10179 Millennium Falcon

10220 VW Camper Van

10237 Tower of Orthanc

10225 R2-D2

70810 MetalBeard's Sea Cow

10214 Tower Bridge

10188 Death Star

442009 Mobile Crane MK II

10221 Super Star Destroyer

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I'm taking iconic to mean just that, as opposed to 'my favourite' or the ones I think were the best sets. Though I'll admit I am a little biased towards the ones from my youth, which I think was Lego's golden age (mid 70s to mid 80s). I'm not much of a fan of licensed themes or minifigs either to be honest. I guess younger folk would have less issues with licensed themes, it's the age we live in after all... but they're not really for me.

Weirdly I have nothing from the 80s in there, but I still think of Technic, Space and Town stuff to be more typically '80s' Lego than 70s, or at least that was when I was exposed to it.


So in order of release.... (yes, I have way too much time on my hands, but hey...it's Sunday haha).



3 Basic set (1973)


I think these 70s Basic sets are just classic Lego and really cemented it as a hugely popular toy. Every kid I knew had one of these sets in the late 70s. I'm picking 3 because it was my first big Lego set, but I think they're all great. Give a young child one of these sets today I'd bet they'd still get endless enjoyment from it.




390 1913 Cadillac (1975)


These old Hobby range vintage cars were the biz when I was very young, though a bit before my time. This was big boys Lego and maybe even Lego's first attempt at attracting older fans. I think they still have a great charm and look great on display.




853 Car Chassis (1977)


Arguably not even the best Technic car, but I think this was a big set for Lego, and the flagship of the first Technic range. Lots of people my age would have drooled over this set as kids. I vaguely remember a Lego TV commercial at the time in which this would make a brief appearance, and I would almost crap myself when it came on. A bit before my time again, I ended up getting 8860 which was also great.




600 Police Car (1978)


The first appearance of the iconic minifigure which we all love (or in my case hate haha. I never liked minifigs, even as a kid). I suppose the whole Lego Town range which followed was pretty iconic really.




497 Galaxy Explorer (1979)


The boss of the Classic Space range and starting to fetch mad prices these days. I wasn't really a huge Space fan as a kid but got a few smaller sets for the cool pieces. I mostly used it to try make crappy Millennium Falcons and X-Wings, as did a lot of kids at the time I suspect. :)




5571 Giant Truck (1996)


I think these Model Team sets were great, the most realistic Lego sets up to that point. The 90s and 00s were Lego free decades for me, but I would have loved this set as kid.




10030 Imperial Star Destroyer (2002)


Gotta have at least one Star Wars set in there and I think this one got a lot of older people back into Lego. Probably the only licensed theme I have any time for. If Lego Star Wars had been around in the early 80s, I may never have left the house.




10182 Cafe Corner (2007)


I don't know how anyone who likes Lego could not like the modulars, and I see these as being future classics. Cool building techniques, they look great and fun for all ages. Lots of Lego win in these.




10220 VW T1 Camper Van (2008)


I think this has been a very popular set and even people not into Lego think it's cool. I was torn between this and the Taj, but I'm putting this in as it's the first set I'd built in 30 years. It's an iconic vehicle and I think will be an iconic set in years to come.




21050 Studio Architecture (2013)


Lego getting back to what it does best and a surprise hit which I think resonated with a lot a lot of older people like me. No licensed theme or exclusive minifigs... just proper, old-skool Lego which encouraged people to use their imagination (which is what Lego used to be all about). It reminds me of the old 70s Basic sets, which kinda brings me full circle.

I think this one will become a bit of a cult classic in years to come, as will the other big Architecture sets. I wish it had been released in Europe too, but if anything it will just add to its cultish desirability, especially for us Europeans.









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Tractorboy that was a great list. I love your thought process behind all of your choices, even if I may have replaced a couple, you should add a paragraph or two and release that as a blog. I was never able to get a Galaxy Explorer as a kid, I remember drooling over it while looking through the old catalogs that used to come with sets, by the time I was able to save enough cash to pick one up it dissapeared. Such is the way of things, not long after I started noticing girls and all my Lego was boxed up with the rest of my childhood.






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