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9476 Orc Forges available again on Target.com

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I think everyone that is considering returning the sets they bought needs to calm down... Maybe they made another production run, maybe they didn't.  Anything we can say would just be a guess.  Sure,

back in stock again...last chance???

Yeah definitely don't return your sets. Hold them. This will retire and it will rise in value. My gut feeling is LEGO is screwing with investors/resellers by doing this. Remember when some

advice for everyone.  try to place 2 orders for your sets.  less likelihood of them getting damaged.  so far, i've ordered 12 Orc sets from target and (knock on my hardhead), all have arrived in very nice condition.  i usually keep 2-3 units per order hoping that is how they get boxed / shipped.  my others came from in-store.


for this order of 5, i placed 2 orders.  2 and then 3 units.

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I still see it as add to cart and available.


Correction, I see when you go to add it to cart it says "The maximum quantity of this item has been already been added to cart."


A friend tried at 2:55pm and also saw "Currently unavailable online".  Not sure why people see diff messages.

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hmmm.  gotta love target.  when you least expect it, nearly or fully retired sets come out of the woodwork.  orc forges, maersk trains, potter castles, and black pearls.



advice for everyone.  try to order in units of 2 or 3 to minimize order cancellation and damage during shipping.

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