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What's the next theme you would like to see?

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I think Lego should do an extension to the Architecture theme called "Architecture: Sports" and release a variety of stadia from iconic franchises around the world.  Wembley, Wrigley Field, Lambeau Field, Madison Square Garden or Olympiastadion (to name a few) could all be done in typical smallish size.  This could inject some life into the staid Architecture theme - each set could come with an exclusive minifig that represents the resident team.  The moulds from CMFs could be reused - win/win!


What other stadia would you nominate?  FCB, I think I know which you would pick!

Just the best in the world: Camp Nou :D

As for a theme, I would love Zelda.

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I'll put my vote in for Disneyland/Disneyworld stuff and Zelda. For Disney I just really want the castle but each of the rides would be awesome as well they just may be a little larger for each set. For Zelda the possibilities are endless, how many sets per game and how many games.

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That would be great for your studio MOC. I can't wait to see pictures of it!  :thumbsup:


I know, I'm so partial haha. Let me tell you, I already know this thing is going to be a daunting process....Bye guys, not going to have a life for the next 10 years. 

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I am also voting for a Disneyland/World theme or even just a generic LEGO amusement park series.  The variety of rides and attractions that could be created would be great!  A theme like this could last quite awhile due to the numerous types of sets that could be added to the theme park.  Large sets could be the rides, medium sets could be restaurants or other buildings of this type and smaller sets could be food stands, souvenir stands, etc.  Maybe add in some Power Function capability on some rides....the possibilities are quite large and I think it would quickly become one of the best-selling themes.  

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Getting the GI Joe license and doing that series in block form correctly.


Can't/won't happen but the Walking Dead would be crazy.


And make that CUUSOO Ghostbusters set that absolutely screams to be produced.

Walking dead would be EPIC!!!! UCS versions of the prison and Woodbury

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