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What is the best deal on LEGO you have ever found?

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Three months after the imperial flagship was EOL I had taken my father in law to a Lego convention in Cincinnati. At the time the sets were selling on ebay every day for $400. They had a Lego store set up in the convention center. Sitting on the shelves were 8 copies (marked down from $180 to $120). I casually asked the store guy how many sets I could buy. He told me 5. So I informed my father in law that I was going to buy 5 and I was going to have him buy the other 3 (he's not a wealthy man and I informed him I would pay him back later that night). We went to the register to pay when I realized I had left my wallet in my car on the other side of town. I pleaded with the cashier to help me out and not force me to go across town to get my wallet. He thankfully allowed my father in law to purchase all 8 sets. So my father in law just put $1000 on his credit card. While driving home I was telling him about my strategy in investing in Lego. He then informed me that he wanted in on half. Meaning that he would buy 4 sets and I would buy 4 sets. What was I going to do. He saved me by paying for my sets anyway. He then got worried about what he was going to tell his wife. I reassured him that we could post 2 of the sets on ebay that night and a week later he would (should) be able to sell them for between $350-400 easily. We did exactly that and he was pleased. We then sold his other 2 sets the next week.

Since then I've sold a couple of my sets. I have a few more still gaining in value.

But to find eight $400 sets on the shelf for $125 ea. Without having to wait for them to "mature". That was a great day!!

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I got the chance to buy almost complete Superheroes lineup (including Hulk Helicarrier, Funhouse, Loki's escape, Wolwerine Chopper, Captain America etc...) at 75% off listed price. They were discounted to clear the shelfs for new sets. :)

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Two outstanding scores on retired sets


Winter Toy Shop, Bakery and Post Office used and complete in box for $170 total.


Cafe Corner (was missing 5 pieces, included box and instruction) CL lot and I am still selling the extraneous sets, paid $400 cdn + bricklinking pieces to other sets, so far I am out of pocket $150US with about 800US left to sell before fees. Tthe lot includes a 7881 Two-face escape that cost me $12 in parts to complete that I expect to list this weekend. So I guess that I found a Two-face escape for $12

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Used 10179 (complete with instruction and minifigures no sticker though) for $630 and NISB 10030 for $800, several months ago.

4 41999s at lego store with double VIP points  last October. The employee did not allow my GF and me buy more than 4. I thought I missed boat on that one since I started collecting Lego after Sep last year, and 41999 was sold out and retired immediately right after it was released which I was not sure.

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Darn you beat me to it! Was there yesterday but didn't want to have to carry Lego around with sightseeing to do. So returned today but they were all gone.

HH was gonna be to big to carry home anyways, but was planning to pick up one of the Kingdoms Jousts. Had to settle with another set that was still a decent deal compared to the Netherlands, the 70813.

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Just picked up 2x kingdoms joust for $60 each. 4 HH at $80 each, and a winter cottage for retail. FAO Schwartz in NYC. I bought em out of HH.

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you bougth them out of HH?! any kingdoms joust left?

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I'm new to the site and was thinking about starting a thread like this, and then I stumbled on this. Some great finds posted here. Very jealous! 


Here is my best score to date. This was three years ago. A guy on craigslist posted the ad below (I saved a pdf version of the ad because I wanted to remember it). I was hesitant to meet him as I was wondering what crazy person would only want $15 for a Star Destroyer and Falcon. I called him right away and set up a meet at a public place. He was nice. Kinda dirty and wearing overalls like he was a farmer. He showed me a big orange garbage bag with the Lego pieces. I glanced inside and saw a bunch of pieces, so I handed him the $15 and we parted ways.


On my way home, I pulled into another store parking lot to really check out what was inside the bag. There were TONS of pieces inside and it turned out it was the 10030 Imperial Star Destroyer!!!...(and 4504 Falcon). Needless to say I was in shock. When I finally completed the inventory of all the pieces, the ISD was missing about 160 pieces and the Falcon was missing over half of its pieces. I chucked the Falcon pieces into my parts bin and spent about $60 buying the missing pieces for the ISD from LEGO Shop at Home. I have it on display in my man cave. Every time I look at it, I think about how lucky I was.


"LEGOS Models - $15 (napa county)
I have two Star Wars legos models No boxes so collectible value is basically shot I have Assembly guides
for both though they are water damaged ( Instructions can be found online) One is the millennium Falcon,
the other is a Star Destroyer I'm not sure if the pieces were mixed together though I'm almost sure they
weren't but I'd like to get lid of both in one shot. The First retailed at almost $200 brand new the second was
over $500 brand new $15 for both is one hell of a steal. e-mail me or call me if interested."
My second best score was the 10181 Eiffel Tower (about three years ago as well). Found a lady on craigslist selling it for $100 with the box and instructions. I met her right away and she told me she was surprised at how many replies she received about it and that she couldn't find a buyer the previous day when she had it for sale at her garage sale. Thankfully, I was the first to meet her and also that there were no Lego collectors who hit up her garage sale. =) It was only missing a handful of pieces. I sold it for $600 to a local buyer last year. 
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