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What is the best deal on LEGO you have ever found?

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Best deals I've ever gotten were from that mysterious guy on Craigslist that was selling a bunch of large sets NISB for 50 bucks each. I bought a few of them, but I suppose the best value was the Helm's Deep for 50 bucks. Still wondering if I could be sitting on a bunch of stolen property...but I guess I'll never know. Also got a VC for 50, City Police Station for 50, Epic Dragon Battle for 50, Goblin King Battle for 50, and a couple others. I haven't been able to find deals as good as that since.

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Best deal I ever did was while I was in highschool. I sent out an email to my entire upper school that I needed Legos for a school project that I was working on (I in fact did need gray parts). The school was a very prestigious prep school with oodles of rich people. I ended up getting several thousand dollars worth of Legos just given to me. A complete Sante Fe, the whole range of large technic sets, a Taj mahal... etc etc. Never ceases to amaze me how appealing to charity can net you a lot compared to buying it... For the record I built a killer project for class...I felt like I had to.

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Earlier this month, I found an Ewok Attack for $5.98 at Target because it wasn't in their system and per standard store rule that was the lowest they could offer. I also picked up an Attack on Weathertop for $41.97 at the same time. At the beginning of this year I found a lone Seaside House for $35 at Walmart. Around the end of last year I found some of the Minotaurus game for half off at Target which is the only Lego I've ever seen for even around 50% off in all my life. They also had the Planets for 50% off too but I didn't need anymore than I already had. That's about it for me really. Barely enough deals ever found to make a foot note in what I find compared to about everybody else's. I guess I do have my odd moments of dumb luck but certainly nothing consistent or in abundance. For anyone with stores that like giving discounts at all to their customers, consider yourself lucky and be grateful.

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My three best deals:


Just picked up a Blockade Runner 10019 for $80. Ended up being almost complete.

A few years ago I got a used but complete with box and instructions 4561-1: RAILWAY EXPRESS for $3 at Goodwill.

Also this spring I bought a Craigslist lot for $360 including a minty Market St Modular with instruction plus about $1000 worth of other legos. The Market St was ziplock bagged and ready to build and I sold it hours after building and listing to someone in Australia for $780 via ebay!

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