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  1. 1. How old are you?

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I'm a 27 yr old wife of 1 and mother of 2. I have been investing in the stock market since I was 15 and recently cashed out my Apple stock I purchased at $109 to invest elsewhere. Thanks to a sweet write up in USA Today, I was led here. I like to think it was destiny. Most girls won't be here because they don't play with toys, and the majority of women don't self direct their investments. It's generally the men who do both of those things, so don't be too surprised :) . I grew up playing video games, gi joe and baseball with my brother, so legos are much more fun to me. My girlfriends would make fun of me for even visiting this site, lol.

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I think you sold your apple stock at the right time.......even if the stock does recover and go higher, you cant really be mad at a 400% profit!

Exactly! It's not going to recover for awhile and will never grow as rapidly as before. I'm betting on Linked In now.

Stephen - Do you live in AZ or are you an ASU Grad? I graduated from there a few years ago.

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I'm 40, and I run a web design, development and usability consultancy. I'm father of a four year old boy who already has about a thousand times more LEGO than I did growing up, and my wife loves LEGO too - we built the Grand Emporium recently, and I was only allowed to be the lowly parts-sorting monkey!

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I'm impressed by the youth on here and some of the collections they have for investment purposes. While I had a Lego collection when I was young, it sure as heck wasn't for investment. I'm now 35, married for almost 10 years with 2 kids, ages 6 and 3. Our son, who is the older, loves playing with his Lego for sure. He's more into making his own stuff and building sets, but will definitely hoard the minifigures when dad opens up a set. I work at the University of Nebraska as head grounds manager for the Recreation department. So I take care of all the fields and courts, inside and out, that the students use for intramurals and sport clubs.

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The other "getting to know you" topics got me wondering, just how diverse is the Brickpicker world? I am sure most of us are from the US, but I know Lego is popular worldwide. Just wanted to see where everybody was from, and in poll form as well. I'm smack dab in the middle of the United States, myself.

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I am 21 female nursing student. I had put Health Worker because Student was too vague for me. I do nursing on the side along with working in a toystore. But those days may be dwindling fast. Investing to pay off school loans ($50K+ a year) and books. $1000+ of books each semester... I don't have much money to invest in, so my collection consists of maybe 6 boxes of Lego, I just started anyways.

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Instead of Antarctica i would of put the United Kingdom since Europe is a pretty broad choice. I imagine a significant portion of non US members are from the UK.

That's a good idea. I wasn't sure on how to break up the EU but I will separate out the UK. Antarctica was more for a laugh, I don't think there are many investors amongst the penguins.

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Its ok shudameister, all of us have to start out small. Most of the "Big guys/gals" on this site that have a BUNCH of sets already have families and more disposable incomes. I have a LONG time to wait until I can have a job and get a steady pay (At least 5 years!) since allowance doesn't cut it for me at the moment...

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