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1 minute ago, jaisonline said:

I’m also in CCIV as the riskiest stock in my portfolio. Bought shares at $14, $16, & $18 and fairly cheap Aug $17.50 Call contracts. We should know soon enough if it will merge w/ Lucid. Lucid had an employee meeting today but the content is unconfirmed. Likely related to raising more funds through a SPAC or Direct Listing...

That was complete BS about that meeting.  That came from a well known pump and dumper who previously pumped up Nikola and lost a lot of people a lot of money.  Today it worked, since it spiked to $21 and cause the circuit breakers to kick in and for the share to be briefly suspended.  Lucid motors will list.  Question is whether it is with Klien and CCIV or another SPAC.  That’s the gamble.  If it does, this will jump to $30.  I’ll probably take some capital off the table then.  Let it run to listing and ticker change and sell.  

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I think there should be a warning / sticky just to remind people to please not to take investment advice from a random people on the Internet, as most people only talk about the wins and never the los

Let me know when the market is crashing and everybody is selling.

DIS, F, MGM, BAC, GLW all purchased in March/April of last year.  New money goes to F, KIM and CMA on a quarterly basis in the second half of the year.  Starting to look for Dividend pays with KIM and

1 hour ago, Cheese said:

For the speculator who has nerves of steel and likes a gamble, look at SPAC's or Blank Check companies who initially list on an exchange and then look to partner a private company, so that they can then become public , bypassing the normal IPO process.  I'm in CCIV which is currently rumoured to be partnering Lucid Motors, a potential challenger to Tesla.  Having shares typically give you a quarter share in an option to buy for a strike price, post merger and listing.

i've been in blank check company OAC now since November .  in october they announced they were going to merge with online "telehealth" boner pill company HIMS and HERs.  price has gone from $10.xx -> $18 today.  last week they announced a partnership with Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez.  when the results of the merger vote are announced next week - of course going to be a yes - the stock will eventually start trading under HIMS and hopefully for my  trading account, some upwardly spiky price action.

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