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Sorry, I couldn't resist given the Osprey debacle For immediate Release: The LEGO Group announces cancellation of Bespin Duel 75294 "Having an absentee father beat and maim his son befo


first wave landed this afternoon from target.  amazingly well packaged.  seal codes are 24R0, 26R0 27R0, 28R0 so a decent number made.  going into storage once the rest get here.   

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I think we've been looking at this all wrong. 

Having the set in the catalog is perhaps a huge benefit by advertising a set unavailable at retail. 

the set is likely done and this is just cancellations and small stock returns. 

If so, thank goodness it's in the catalog. 


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On 9/14/2020 at 10:18 PM, mudcatsfan said:

that is the consensus, yes. Short run exclusive. No additional runs. He gone.


264 live

1411 sold

95 shipped is the current floor, but a few with for a creased box at 93.

many others sitting at the 99.99 level.

The dip never happened.  I'm impressed. 

368 live

1600+ sold

Many sold recently at 80 shipped. 

Perhaps due to the new backorder accepted flurries. 

80, 83, 85 is the current floor for live BINs.


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