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Ideas #026: 21318 - Treehouse

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10 hours ago, Alpinemaps said:

Here’s the pic next to the modular:



I was originally a little disappointed in the change. Not so much anymore. I really like it. Back to being a “first time I can get it on sale” purchase for me.

IMO it looks a lot better without the yellow leaves. Also I would ditch the blue roofs and go with brown like the submission. 

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I’m interested to see if this set will be carried in B&N stores and not just online. Nearly all (or all) Ideas have been available in their stores, but this would be a $200 set on shelves. Voltron is stocked at $180 near me, and OFS was always available as well.

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After reading this Brick Breakdown at the Brick Blogger I got even more appreciation for this set. Like OFS this will be a future winner, especially if it has a short availability!


Now I really must have this set for my own collection, as well as get some extra boxes stashed. ;) 


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26 minutes ago, joneyyy1981 said:

best i'v seen is 10% off

Yeah, it's never reduced but I have a Coupon. Brings it down from full price to 160. 

1 minute ago, kumas said:

I bought about 20 Old Fishing Stores 20% off, it was a good call

Yeah it was. But that's a 150€ set. This one is 200€. Overall price plays a role as well. 

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1 hour ago, Lego Benito said:

Am tempted to go RRP on this one because I'm worried it might go and not reappear.

It's currently Out of Stock in the Lego shop.

Decisions , decisions.

its hard in the uk at the min. i'm in same boat. loads sold out that i'm after, i got these at £140 from JL a while back and sold them all at £230.

the fact that the EU factories have been unaffected & loads still gone for ages makes me think lots aren't coming back.

probably wrong.

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