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10261 - Roller Coaster


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Finished building it today.  What a great set, no power functions yet. But the kids are having a blast.  I'll have to incorporate it into the city amusement partk tomorrow.  One of the best sets I think, as it brings to life something most,people have enjoyed.  I hope the Ferris wheel retires soon, think I have 25 of those.  Stellar theme.

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This is truly one of the great ones! Looks amazing and really draws the eye to it, even in a busy city layout. Contrary to to what one might think it's pretty easy and stable to move around. Thanks LEGO!  After a few theme changes and seasonal decorations on mine, the mind has wandered to rebuild ideas. At this time no other sets offer the 45 angle track piece so so buying say toy story 4 or some other small coaster set for track isn't really achieving the goal. I'm going to BL my track and parts for my ADP monorail extension so I"m keen on the track costs, But I think a second Coaster is going to be the best solution for a coaster change as the height build up needed is substantial.   As for a note on reselling, prob not a great one for a small time re-seller. Too big, too expensive, too long to wait.  Just great one to enjoy.

On 6/9/2018 at 6:21 AM, crayxlp said:

you've GOT TO SEE THIS! .. its amazing! Makes you want these sets even more.. (from the Brick Fan)


 Just Re-posting this for entertainment:)    

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