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Costco Canada Deals

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There goes $1000 on a squadron of $39.97 tie fighters..LOL

42055 199$ costco online!

Well there wasn't much left but still 4 demolition sets + 2 swamp set at 24.97$ each good deal quick to flip 

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Need to pick up turkey tomorrow for christmas at marche public longueuil, I can do saint-hubert, dont have any tie fighters yet, would not mind a few at that price. If anyone in mtl area want me to pick them up sets let me know and I will help out.

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3 hours ago, sqlplus said:

Je vais à Boucherville je voulais savoir si je trouve de quoi

Reste six friends à Saint-Hubert

Thanks for the offer sqlplus, but i just got back home. Picked up last 3 of the friends...they still have around 50 or so of the city 60069 and 60076 for 59$ each

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2 hours ago, massakassa said:

You will have to hold on to those 75016 for a long time with the new version coming out soon.

Considering the piece count of this set, 4 minifigures, and the "Star Wars" theme it's pretty hard to not make money at a $39.97 buy in. As for maximizing profits, yes it could be a couple years. Sold most of my Darth Vader Tie Fighters (8017) recently for $100 US + shipping with a $25 buy in. They can sit on my shelf for a while anyway.

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Since there were a lot of city construction and swamp police set left behind at an incredible 59.97$, but still not worthed I think. 

Your thoughts about : There's good chance they will still be there dec 26 ? + with another 50% off at 30$ ? .. that would be to grab..

you think there's a small chance it will go lower ?

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7 hours ago, sqlplus said:

Lol found 1 hinding in a returnee basket567ae487a5781_ImageUploadedByBrickpicker

Can you spot it?

Got a few ray speeders if anyone need

Glad you at least got one my friend.. it really sucks I didn't know about this set earlier yesterday when I called Costco, would have grab more than the 5 I got, 4 for a friend and 1 for me !...


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