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What set do you want but will never get

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I missed a lot of amazing sets over the past years, when I was still blissfully ignorant of how awesome Lego has become since my childhood. Here's a list of sets I would have bought if I had been with my current mindset, back at the time when they were still sold at retail (or even priced down on sale).

Star Wars UCS sets:

10019: Rebel Blockade Runner

10026: Special Edition Naboo Starfighter

10129: Rebel Snowspeeder

10174: Imperial AT-ST

10175: Vader's TIE Advanced

10179: Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon (of course, who on Brickpicker wouldn't have? :P)

10212: Imperial Shuttle

10215: Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter

10227: B-Wing Starfighter

Advanced Modular sets:

10181: Eiffel Tower

10182: Cafe Corner

10185: Green Grocer

10196: Grand Carousel

10197: Fire Brigade

10211: Grand Emporium

10224: Town Hall


Since I don't like to pay a large premium over the original price of something it means I will not ever get any of these sets. It also means I do not want them badly enough that I would be willing to pay double, triple or even quadruple over the original RRP prices of these sets while I could buy plenty of newer sets for the same amount of money.  

Good thing I can admire something of beauty without feeling the urge/desire to own it for myself. Like a beautiful painting in a museum I can similarly enjoy watching these sets on display at a Lego exhibition behind glass in display cases. :) 

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Diagon Alley, OOTF Hogwarts Castle and Emerald Night. Collects modulars, but no interest in the older sets. Too many parts made obsolete, and the newer ones always looks better. Maersk train doesn't look good to me, and I already bought a Horizon Express. LEGO Expert train designers, you da MVP!

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I can honestly say there isn't one LEGO set that I REALLY want or need that I wouldn't pay for. I bought a really nice used 10179 1st edition last year for $2500 and recently picked up a really nice used 10030 for $900. Those 2 were my must haves. Though wants/must haves do change.

1 hour ago, Deanfjr said:

The Grand Carousel to add to my amusement park, unless the re-make it *fingers crossed*

New member here, gimme some rep please :)

Please, no Karma begging......jk

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The latest Arkham Asylum I think. I really like superheroes and unfortunately no build seems to really be properly scaled both for the building it represents and the minifigs. Arkham is in my opinion the best success in the matter to this point for the Superheroes theme (not counting the Penguin and Mr.Freeze attack on the batcave which is not a DC superheroes set but a Batman set. If I ever bought one it would be because I'd have the money to buy several and so I would and then I would build my own Asylum with their base idea. Same thing I intend on doing with the batcave some day if I have the time and space.

Other one I know I'll never get even though I really like it is the 6860 simply because I think it's too small for the price and it doesn't look all that good in the end.

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Sooo many to list.  A lot that I will never get due to the fact I can’t actually afford them (10179) and some because I can’t justify spending the secondary market price.


Top 5:

MF – goes without saying.

Imperial Shuttle (great looking display piece)

Imperial Flagship (although hoping TLG will release something equally as impressive before I reach my twilight years)

SSD (I was 1 year too late).

HH (10228) had a copy and stupidly let it go – luckily I've been given another chance via the Macks Fund raiser Raffle J

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