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Canada: What other reward points you use for Lego?


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Thanks for the various answers. So, had I registered with Air Miles, I could have received an awesome $25 for the monstrous stack of Toys R Us orders from the past months! I don't regret putting in my mother's Air Miles number instead :P


Still, that old Toys R Us promotion of "20x Air Miles" from last year meant some 9.5% discount then. That's not too bad if it stacks with something else.


The fall was awesome - I think they had about ten different sweet airmiles promos (give or take). The bonus 100 or 75 for corresponding purchases were great for smaller sets to stack together and the 20x were awesome for exclusives. The first quarter at TRU hasn't had many airmiles promos, but probably because they were running the cineplexholiday promo. There should be some upcoming that I will definitely be taking advantage of.

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Another advantage with the Air miles program (btw, why is it not "Air Kilometers" in Canada?) is that they build pretty quickly, especially if you have your monthlies registered like your home insurance, utilities & mortgage that have partnership programmes. 

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This Saturday Staples have 20x Air Miles for purchase over $100.


Earn 20x the reward miles

Offer valid Apr 11,2015 - Apr 11,2015



Celebrate STAPLES & AIR MILES 2nd anniversary!

Earn 20x the AIR MILES

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My only problem is I live too far from the border to drive. I might fly down every once in awhile but then I have to worry about paying extra baggage fees for carry ons for big sets. I'll be in Vegas in late June and plan to visit the new store they got there.

Will be there too last of May or first of June ! .. Will hide you the best box ...:)

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