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75095 - UCS: TIE Fighter


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Looks like the UCS Tie Fighter is retired now?  Sold out on Lego LEGO Shop at Home.  Thoughts?  Don't care?  

I recall last year and correct me if I'm wrong but the sandcrawler sold out and everyone panicked and went out and bought out walmart. Set came back full force a week later as I recall amd slowly crawled to retirement about 8 months later.
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1 minute ago, BrickLegacy said:

I thought the agreement was nobody buys until Walmart and TRU blows these out for $120.

Did we all not agree to this?

target and amazon blowing them out for $50 wasn't good enough? (granted it was a year ago).

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With all the deep discounts on tie fighers. Often being available from 100-160$. How do people think this set is going to perform?

I believe it has more display ability then the Red 5. Seemingly produced in similar mass quantities. I'd guess after retirement it will sit at 280 for quite some time. Depending on buy in this would be an easy 50-80$ profit.

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