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Just a small comparison between the new shuttle and the '90 one.

  A resurgence is imminent and a Katy Perry polybag may be pending for the full ensemble.

So we've obviously had space and town police stations.  Now City has given us Forest and Swamp Police Stations.  What's next?  The Outback with wily dingos and kangaroos to rob the locals?  Maybe a Po

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​The actually review you embedded was for 60078.  Hopefully you can fix it.

​I had linked directly to Brick Fan's review followed by embedding just2good's one beneath it. I did not think to state the link and video were for different sets but I went and added that bit just now. I apologize for the confusion.

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Guest ph4tb0i

Out now at TRU!

60097 - City Square - $189.99

​I want that tram!

Although electrifying it might be a problem. The mid section looks too small to put a train bogey in compared to the last tram (public transport)

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I like the almost whimsical nature to the tram.  I'm debating whether I need to pick up that particular piece off of eBay once people start parting it out.  It might look good in my Winter Village.  At the same time, though, my WV is a little more "olden" and it might be too modern.  I might be better off with some sort of antique looking train.

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I have the LEGO shuttle from 1995 followed by the 2011 version which is fairly close to the current 2015 design and although each have their merits, the short of this thought would be the latest one does closer resemble the real spacecraft more than the former. The prior versions do have nice lines and overall form feeling like a blend between a LEGO toy and reality but the size suffers from being perhaps too compact almost claustrophobic whereas the new model features decent elbow room.

Most noticeable and best update is those booster rockets. The old ones were simply too small in relation to the shuttle being about the same size when they should have extended past the cockpit as they do in the new model. You could barely see them unless looking from the sides and the smaller white rockets blended in with the shuttle from a top view. While there is a higher number of large specialty pieces in the latest rendition of the famous space shuttle, again it better matches the material than the prior models that almost reached the same achievement but not quite.

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On 2/3/2015 at 3:39 AM, TheOrcKing said:

I wonder what is with this new "starter set" trend LEGO is on in particular the City theme. They released one a couple years ago retailing for $30 and now this year there is a handful of Starter Sets mainly in the $10 range with at least one at $30. Swamp Police Starter Set, Demolition Starter Set, Astronaut Starter Set (no image yet I think), Fire Starter Set, Deep Sea Starter Set, and plain LEGO City Starter Set. I suppose they are at good cheap price points and offer what is essentially a battle pack but for City instead of Star Wars or recently Chima. I'm just left pondering why all of these starter sets now. Perhaps LEGO is 'testing the waters' for what may hook the general crowd.

You hit the nail on the head for this one.  The Swamp theme is performing decent so far.  The Swamp Starter Set appears to be a winner and is consistently in the $25 range on Amazon.  I just sold a few for $28.

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Winner of the recent City vehicle retirements for me has been the Pickup Tow Truck (60081), selling swiftly at $44 on Amazon.  Out 2 years, through 2016.  Can't make much sense of it, but it's doing well.

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