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City 2015


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Technically a Juniors set but this new release could work with a City layout. What I find surprising is the amount of actually printed pieces instead of stickers the 'regular' sets possess. Admittedly the last thing a child or parent thereof wants to deal with is trying to align stickers so it is good to see LEGO printing the elements plus feature characters with such unique apparel. Check out the sweet duds on the shopper gal and her groovy shades. Far out.


10684 - Supermarket Suitcase

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I noticed recently that Lego has repackaged some of the 2014 City sets with the 2015 style packaging... Here's an example of two Passenger trains sitting next to each other at a local TRU. The 2014 style packaging on the right and the 2015 style on the left. Most notably, it was the same size box (not sure on weights). I also noticed they did this with the Train Station (#60050); trying to figure out if this means these sets will get a longer run (I would think so).


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Don't get me wrong, I think the Spaceport set is cool.  I love shuttles and all but 90% of the set is the shuttle itself and at only 586 pieces, can anyone convince me or justify it's $120 price tag!?? That just seems outrageous to me.  Sure it has some larger pieces, I get that, but wow it's grossly overpriced IMO respectfully.  $89.99 sure I'm in.  $120??????

Even the Deap Sea is overpriced at $120.  I can see that at $100. It has more features and pieces and looks more fun as a playset than the Spaceport, but where the heck are LEGO coming up with these prices.  Same thing I hated about the Darkseid set.  $70 for a medium size ship and a darkseid figure basically.  No thanks.  

It's odd because some sets I'll actually say to myself, wow that's a good price for what you get.  I think they could have bumped it $10-20 and I'd still have been fine with it.  Lego has always been expensive, that's a no brainer, but some sets I just can't get my head around the high price.  

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