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10228 - Haunted House

Jeff Mack

Modular or not?  

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  1. 1. Do you consider the Haunted House a modular house?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Maybe with some modifications.

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I was told by Lego customer service that yes, this doesn't mean it will be discontinued soon, but "Call for availability" does if it ever gets to that.

"call for availability" sometimes means it's getting discontinued, but not always. 10214 is "call for availability" will it be getting discontinued? I guess we'll see.........

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Yeah, my lego store was well stocked with these. Lord of The Rings, on the other hand, was gone completely, except for the Orc Forge. Looks like they don't plan on getting anymore either, as they just spread out and re-stocked the Hobbit sets to cover the space.

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I think the higher price of the Haunted House and its limited availability will keep a lot of people from stockpiling it like some other sets.

if some people can get 20 or more Helm's Deep or 50 or so Diagon Alleys, why could they not get 50 or so Haunted Houses...

Pretty simple if you got the cash really.. and room...

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Everyone on this site talks about the Haunted House as if it were the best thing since spray cheese in a can, but with everyone stockpiling, won't the secondary market value of this set be very low for a few years?

With this set--or any other of the larger, more pricier Lego sets--you could take a very, very high number like 1,000 and put that as a number of how many sets in total people on this site have. The reality would actually be much, much less though. But you could still have 500 members here with an average of two each by the time the HH retires. The secondary market would only be a noticeable blip on the radar if the majority of those members put them all on sale at the same venue--ebay, Bricklink, Amazon, etc.

The reality for sellers is that a large portion of those people will still have their one or two sets five years from now. So by the time the majority of people sell their sets, the market value should be at a very good number. Those who tie up $400 for a year, then panic when the set retires and they think that they made a mistake because there's 200+ listings for the HH two weeks after retirement so they jump in and sell--those are the ones affected by the scenario the OP mentions.

Patience is usually the key for any long term investment. The big thing with investing in Lego sets is that you have to add storage space availability to patience.

I could see a scenario where numbers and statistics might prove that a return time might be getting stretched out. Meaning, the time it takes for a certain type of set to realize a 100% rise in value; IE to double in price. The city Modulars are an easy example--CC took X months, GG took a little longer? Not counting MS, but next in line could take even longer. I don't see the FB being a quick double up, but in my opinion that's not due to the amount of sets being stockpiled. I just think the GE will be a better investment overall.

Anyways, just a few thoughts. Lastly, I also don't think that this site is making more people buy any particular set than any other. Those who are raving about the HH would be buying it regardless, as would the investor who knows nothing about this or any other Lego site. If you've bought and sold Lego sets in the past and recognize this as a winner, you'd buy it along with the other tens of thousands of Lego fans out there. Some just never open the box )

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Although highly unlikely there is still a slim chance this might retire with the rest of the MF sets this June. If that was the case then the HH could be a very valuable investment because I don't think a lot of investors have started stockpiling these yet because it is still early and we haven't seen discounts yet. Personally I have 3 but I don't plan on getting more any time soon because I don't believe it is retiring soon so I have plenty of time.

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I highly doubt this set has been stockpiled yet, mainly because there haven't been any real deals with it yet. If we saw it going for $150 say around Halloween or Black Friday, that might spark some interest, but in general, people don't buy large quantities of sets unless they get them for a decent price and I haven't found a way to get this set to my door for less than $175 yet.

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I think Ed wasn't contributing to the conversation here, but rather posting to increase his Brick Points. I would like the Mods to flag and remove please.

^ sarcasm (please don't ban me lol)

Possibly...If anyone thinks that that's what I was doing then please understand that I'm not. Brickpoints are irrelevant to me. I'm here for the info and hopefully to periodically contribute something useful.

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