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Tracking Weights of Sets

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Hello again......My two Ecto-1's came yesterday.  Both weighed the same and were under weight by 12 grams.  Do any of you think there is a reason for concern?  I forgot how much a minifig weighs.  The seals looked fine though.  Bought these off of ebay.  I'm not really concerned with sets that are a bit over now, but under weight still concerns me, even if it is only a bit.

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There has been a lot of discussion on tampered with sets bought from B&M stores and on more rare occasion online.  

in comparing websites that list set weight vs each other vs actual weights there seems to be discrepancies. 

I would like to propose a thread that can list set weights (similar to seal codes) of multiple sets so we can get a range or exact weights (scale calibration may cause variation)

if users have multiple sets and have weighed a good amount of them might be the best people for providing input. 

we could put a format to it. open to any suggestion.

Set #     Weight    Variation up/dn

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