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LEGO Batman 3 - Beyond Gotham


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i am wondering too.


i thought the Plastic Man is only if you preorder at gamestop.


But if i look at amazon it says that it comes with a bonus (plastic man) too.



here is the link



Here on Amazon in the US, it's the Batgirl keychain. As for GameStop not showing Plastic Man anymore, I'm not sure what is going on there.
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Here is what Gamestop CS told me in email:




Thank you for contacting GameStop.com.

We deeply apologize unfortunately Gamestop is not offering a bonus plasticman lego figure with pre orders of LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.

Thank you for your patience!



So where in the US can we get our plasticman figs?

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I called my Gamestop.  They were clear that they are not sure if plastic man comes with the batman 3 game or not.

As of this point they said normally every game they released has had one but there is no confirmation for this one.

There website does not state it either.

I said it sounds like Warner Brothers marketing has not talked with Gamestop marketing and they are disconnected.

They said they exactly agree.


Clear as mud.

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That would be a letdown to many if only one console has the promo. At least include the PS4 to go with the PS3 if you're going down that direction, dudes.

According to Brick Fantatic, the Playstations will have some exclusive content.



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It is official I called Gamestop and they were in the middle of fixing them all.

The plastic man bonus should appear on each product page now below the game image.

I ordered a ps4, vita and 3ds separately so they don't send me just 1 poly.

Each of them gets it.

I am not brave enough to load up on the $30 3 ds ones to piece out yet at this point.

The DLC and the Guide of course do not get the poly (darn)

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