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LEGO Batman 3 - Beyond Gotham


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This is a terrible promo, why would I want Batman in a rainbow suit.


Do you not think that when Batman pops out years from now in his suit grown up during the new wonderful dark serious Gotham series that he pops out in that rainbow outfit.  Wouldn't that fit with the series and movies?  NOT.  I agree it is fun to have but ridiculous to think of as a real setting.  I'll buy the DLC later if I want it.

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When doing the reserve, are you having to pay full price up front, or are they still doing the small deposit.


I definitely want to pick up a few of these.  Heck, I just want to pick up one of these for myself.  I've loved Plas since I was a little kid.


Well I want a PS4 version and a 3DS version.

So I am too nervous that the in store people will if I reserve PS4, 3DS and Vita will not give me 3 minifigs or will run out so I ordered my 3 online, paid the $3 shipping and ordered each as a separate order.

I figure the 2 figures & Vita game possibly could cover the cost of the PS4, and 3DS versions plus one fig for me.

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I have done well selling the Marvel game with the Iron Patriot poly. I got those for $30 a few months ago. You can get a little less than $30 for the game right now many months after it's release and the poly goes for $30+ and keeps going up. I'm going to try for $40 at Christmas. This Batman game will be easy to sell for close to the purchase price if you get it when it first comes out. Don't know how well the poly will do. It's a somewhat obscure character. You would not lose money on this. It's just a matter of how much that minifig will go for and whether it comes in a polybag.  If it were a more recognizable character I would be buying a few. Might get one because I want the game anyway. 

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Sure there is a thread somewhere but don't forget to nm p reorder your lego batman game. Most retailers have something different w the preorders. I of course am going with the plastic man minifig from games top

Game comes out next week. I will also QFLL style sell my minifig as soon as possible

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