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  1. Tonka858

    LEGO Space Series Space 71046 cases $149 sets $54.99 shipped preorder

    Thank you appreciate it.
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  2. NIevo

    Bricklink down for everyone?

    I know that's what it says, but I don't know if I've ever seen it in the middle of the day during the week and it's also past 7pm. 
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  3. TheOrcKing

    Musical Picks

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  4. Captain_Obvious

    LEGO VIP Insiders/GWP Discussion

    Yes, that's correct. People who attempted to buy two copies had their entire orders canceled, while those who purchased just one saw their orders successfully processed. I sold my copy too quickly and made a small profit of $100, but the price later soared to over $300 for three months. Porsche collectors are equally enthusiastic, though they typically have smaller budgets. I'll consider buying the book if fewer than 5,000 copies are produced.
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  5. raindog

    Daily LEGO Deals - USA

    If you start worrying about that then you might have problems purchasing most of anything on Amazon.  If you will check the names of the companies selling those sets you will see names like XXXXX Books and XXXXToys.  Maybe not all but I have to assume that many have LEGO buyer accounts.  I do know that they often do not get a choice of which LEGO sets arrive to them.  And a retailer's mindset is to "clear the shelf" not "does this set have 5 unique minifigures that will make it valuable 2-3 year
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  6. Congrats 👍🏼 
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  7. brickvoyeur

    Star Wars 2024

    Do you like battle packs? Do you like double battle packs?  40755 Imperial Dropship Vs Rebel Scout Speeder
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  8. Brick_Dude

    Minifigures Plus - LEGO Dungeons & Dragons Collectible Minifigures (71037) Pre-Order

    Congrats on working with TLG directly.  
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  9. Pseudoty

    Bricklink's AFOL Designer Program 2021

    Yes they do it is on the back of the card insert. They are in the app as well. 
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  10. Billy Brick

    My order status

    I’ve gotten them from Target and Wally and Disney store, usually when they are very busy, running big sales.
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  11. TheOrcKing

    Why so serious? Have a laugh!: The Darth Raichu show

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  12. Tonka858

    Selling Lego on Amazon.com

    put the item in a small poly bag and attach the label to that
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  13. I've had several removed lately as well... just random anime minifigures from china.  look like lego, but clearly not.  it is annoying since I've sold several before without an issue.
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  14. Mathew

    What LEGO set did you build today?

    Finished up my Medieval Lego phase with the Lion Knight castle, Town Square and a classic: The Sea Serpent. All great sets though the Town Square was a step down from the castle in terms of build and overall quality.   
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  15. LegoAddict

    Lego Sets FS local pickup Chicago

    Well, apparently I can't message you either!    Feel free to email me at lego khan 23 (all one word) at gmail   Hopefully, the above makes sense!
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  16. Brickboy74

    “My Best Buy Plus” program

    @Achilles Thanks for your response.
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  17. iahawks550

    Complaint Thread

    It won't go to court on the "word of thieves". It will go to court by having those thieves cooperate and sell more "stolen goods" to the store. Most likely not once, or twice, but multiple times, to show a pattern. If the investigators really want to make a good case (most do), they would even have undercover agents do the same thing. It's not public opinion finding him guilty, it's more fact that sleezy people are doing this all over the place. From meth junkie stealing sets from Wal-Mart
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  18. gmpirate

    Technic 2022

    McLaren's??  They aren't that uncommon to see.  I actually see more McLaren's than GT3's.
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  19. Pseudoty

    10276 - Roman Colosseum

    I see a bump incoming:  
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  20. BrickU

    Marvel & DC - general discussion

    Does anyone have a link or know when each Lego License expires?  Actually what I really want to know is when does Spider-Man expire? 
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  21. Tonka858

    Recommended YouTube LEGO channels, blogs, websites, etc

    whatnot is great if you have alot of figures 
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  22. weemsc54

    LEGO Ideas Results

    Now that's a day 1 personal buy! 
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  23. Pseudoty

    Alright, which one of you is this?

    Maybe some one can figure this out and report back? https://grailgame.com/product/lego-lovers-dream/
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  24. brickshiftmama

    bulk lots?

    Well, if that Daphne is from the Mystery Mansion and not the Haunted Lighthouse there could be a Velma in there.  Might be worth just to sort through for the figs.  
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  25. mvm1919

    What did you do today?

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