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Ideas #007: 21109 - Exo-Suit


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Today, New Elementary announced that the LEGO CUUSOO Exo Suit will be released in August of 2014! They also announced a logo. Unfortunately, there are no official images yet, but at least this gives us something to be looking forward to!












It has been confirmed that there will be a minifigure included in the final product. Read all about it here: http://www.newelementary.com/2014/04/cuusoo-exo-suit-logo.html

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I am personally ecstatic to see the classic Space icon placed in there for starters. Aside from being the first original based design, the final outcome shall certainly be one to see considering how many changes Lego will have needed to perform to effectively make things more 'legal' & 'proper' by their own build standards while retaining the basic premise of the base design. Unfortunately no matter what the outcome, there will be a line of fan boys & girls out there somewhere disappointed by the results.

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I've been considering making this the Lego set I allow myself to collect multiples of just for ghits and shiggles.  I'll have an army of them in my room; hopefully they (Lego) allows Peter Reid to include the giant black blaster-rifles the Exo-Suits utilize in his "Lego Space" book.  BTW I highly recommend you pick up that book; it's relatively short but it makes for a great coffee table book or (gasp!) dare I say...Bathroom book!



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21109 Exo Suit - Limited

12 Years and over, 321 Parts - 34.99 euro

The Exo Suit model with its complex form according to the modular principle was LEGO Ideas members (formerly CUUSOO) selected. The set contains new space minifigures and other unique details! Obtainable August 2014.

Width: 80 cm / Length: 40 cm / Height: 40 cm
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I specially converted in feet for you because I know you orcs can't handle the metric system.  :P

Yea... hey! I can work with metric ....just not very good at it. :lol:

You know what the call a quarter pounder in France?  Royale with cheese.  They don't know what the *&!* a quarter pounder is.

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