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[email protected] VH & Martian Manhunter Haul :)

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How about the people who didn't get the $8 deal? As far as Walmart/Amazon, it isn't just the lower distributor prices - they can accept lower profit margins and make up for it through volume (and at the same time, push competitors out of the market).

Of course people who didn't get the $8 deal are at a disadvantage, I was just using the example of people who got the same clearance deal. Yes, you are correct about the volume/profit margin for large retailers but I don't think there is anyone on this site that has that kind of volume that they can completely corner the market on any Lego item. As someone mentioned earlier, if the current selling price is too low just wait for that seller to sell out. I have done this several times. Also, there are different places to sell. If the prices are too low on ebay, sell on Amazon or BrickLink.

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Guest brickcrazyhouse

I wonder how many half orders there were with MM. Might be the least amount of money they ever made on orders for an exclusive. lol.

guessing this years first quarter for TLG will not look as good as their prediction. maybe bad enough they will send out "unbanned" letters 

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I am really surprised... Has the Vampyre Hearse so growing potential, that somebody is stocking 100 pieces?? I was in doubt to buy even 5-6 pieces - its small set and the car is not so perfect. Ok, there is a vampyre + zombie, but these figs are also in other sets. If I were a fan of such sets, I would pay rather more money and buy a castle or HH in future.


Lol I stockpiled 100 because I got them for $9 dollars .. I wouldnt even have bought any if it was $15 or more .. the price was almost like 75% off its a no brainer.


Same goes for those chima worriz tanks / gorilla strikers .. 70% off ..  no brainer .. lego deals dont wait for you .. if you got the money go all in ... same thing with the tower of orthancs 2 weeks ago from target .. all in baby!

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