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Which set has made you the most $ so far...

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It seems from this thread that not very many people have sold substantial amounts of lego for substantial amounts of money.  It will be interesting to read a thread like this in 2 years time once many of the sets we all bought over the last two years will have been retired for a little bit.


Sure will be.


I keep close track of what I sell in an Excel spreadsheet as Brickpicker doesn't have a functionnality to track sales for the moment. I've started selling a few months ago, maybe about 20-25 sets and polybags so far. I've made a profit on everything I sold and clear around 750$ until now. It's not going to pay all the bills but it's still a better return than any other investment fund I can think of :). I'm also tracking my average purchase prices/sell prices etc., I'm usually able to make 50-100% return on my purchase price.

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Second best sale, 2 Sungnyemuns, bought for around 28$, sold on for 70$, the other for 95$.

I had a similar Architecture experience - bought a NISB Hancock Center for $20, and sold it for $93 the next day. I actually almost didn't list and then thought I would list it on the high end of current eNay sold prices. The next day - poof! Sold overseas through EBay GSP.

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