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21107 - The End

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This set has just been released on jinx.com for sale    

It has been confirmed the next (4th) Minecraft set will be based on The End numbered as 21107. It should be the same retail as the previous releases and at least one of the micro mob characters an End

The more sets the better.  For those that have stayed out of Minecraft because they don't understand it, the two creators of the program (Markus Persson and Jens Bergensten) were named by Time in thei

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Don't worry too much about what other people paid.  So what if some got them for $16, they will probably sell at a lower price point than the one you get at $17.50, but yours will still sell for a profit.  I was considering buying more at $28 from Amazon last week even though I have a ton a $16.  Why?  It is still a good price to get this set below retail.  It is was only made for 7 months.  It will be by far the rarest.


Take look at the top selling building sets on Amazon.  There are 3 Minecraft sets in the top 5.  The cube sets aren't there because they are discontinued, but they were there when they the were widely available.  Take a look at the most wished for on Amazon, 3 cube sets are 1, 2, 3.  The End is at 40.  I agree that the End is the least desirable of the set, but being the least desirable of the hottest toy line in the US is not a bad thing.  Many people will want to complete their set after getting the first 3.


There will always be Minecraft doubters.  In the end, make up your own mind.  So far, Minecraft has been about a sure thing in Lego as you can get.  And remember that people often don't want something until it is gone.

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