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9493 - X-Wing Starfighter


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either this would be a failure or UCS red wing will be a failure. one of them has to be.


i will only buy 1 red 5 leader and 5 9493 to make my squadron. i don't need multiple red-5s :)

i would need 9493. this would definitely appreciate till $150 then people will think why would they buy the smaller x-wing rather go for larger one for 199.99 and once that big one is gone then ... we shall see what happens.



for full disclosure: 


i am very light on both....

light on 9493 = less than 5

light on 10240 = less than 5


i am heavy on the other kind of ship... the destroyer :P just picked up total of 6 from alpmines and trekgates favorite place :P actually i covered both corner of US this week. boston, florida and la :D

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So this is a great Christmas set (well known iconic design, strong theme, affordable pricing point) and prices seem to have shored up. How do you see this one doing in EOL life next year? Do you prefer to hold on to them till the new film or better to move them on now and reinvest in other things?

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can the x-wing really sustain the current market?

there have been so many versions. bound to be more. i guess the movie could push the market for the set. 

if you are paying over retail for it is there a ton of meat on the bone? will it be a $150 set come next christmas?

I would doubt it.  I posed a question about the recent increase in value of 9493 and if that had an impact on the outlook of the Red-5 X-wing 10240 in that thread earlier today.


Why wouldn't people go buy the previous X-wing version that retired just before 9493?  Last I checked, it's about 1/2 the price although not quite as nice.

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I think this X Wing and Red 5 will do fine.


Agreed and I will add MF as well, the three OT SW sets that everyone hates on for some reason. The MF panic buying is hilarious. No one wanted it at $100 and it was destined to be a dud and now people are stepping on each other to get it for $140.

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I think this X Wing and Red 5 will do fine.


im not so sure about 9493. 

look at the 2006 version of the x-wing. msrp $50 and sells for slightly above that now and in my opinion the figures are better and more of them. 


i think the only thing that might spark 9493 to do okay if you are buying at or above msrp will be interest in the set from the movie and it not being available in stores. 


i had both 2006 and 2012 versions of x-wing. i kept the 2006 version for my collection and sold the 9493 for $50 profit before christmas cause i got it on clearance at target. 

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Agree, and 6212 is doing well and rising with 9493 sold out. Yes they will make another X-wing again but the design is going to be new and it will be new movie related. Demand for OT versions will be there. 

Perhaps this discussion should be moved into the X-wing thread, but that was part of my earlier point.  The 9493 is doing very well right now being recently out of stock just before and during the Christmas season.  It will still make money in the future no doubt, but if the price point gets too high, then buyers will start to look at 6212 as an alternative or even Red-5 if it's still around for $199.99.  Why pay $150 for 9493 when you can get Red-5 for $199.99, unless you want just a smaller play set?

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