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I'd love to see He-Man and the Masters of the Universe characters by LEGO. Heck, I might even sell my action figure collection if they did. :)

Since I'm a big sports fan, I would really like to see licensed sports teams. My personal dream is to see Wrigley Field in Lego.

Have you seen this? http://www.seankenney.com/portfolio/big_leagues_little_bricks/

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Perhaps official companies. UPS fedex Usps American Airlines. Lowes Air Force pilot etc..

I love sets like that. LEGO should link up with other companies more often. If they can do it with Shell, Ferrarri, Maersk, and TRU, they can do it with FedEx. (Great idea, by the way. I'd love to see a FedEx truck as a set. LEGO's already done TRU truck. Not that I've ever, ever seen one of them on the streets, but whatever.)

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I thought it would be cool to have a thread were members can share there favorite minifigs.  Here are a couple of my favorites (pics from brickset):


Achu from the adventures theme.  The cape on this figure is awesome.




Next, the Mouth of Sauron.  Love the face printing and helmet on him.


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Its hard to single out 1 MOST favorite Minifig of LEGO.....


There is favorite in each theme/line and then even in different age....


But if i think of my childhood the figures I loved the most were




With those I played forever....



As for the collector in me these days.... Its hard to say:




He is definetly my favorite Character in my favorite book.... so it would be logical to include him but its hard to choose when next to him I have figs like:















It seems my favorite fig changes every so much time.

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