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Lord of the Rings 2014

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Recall that there were originally 2 movies...and the final was set to come out right around the time of the release of The Hobbit video game....They changed the schedule to accomodate for 3 movies...with December releases rather than Summer.

I've read that the game will have additional Digital License Content that you can download once the third film comes out ( to complete the 'trilogy')

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I was out and about in several toy stores (UK) and supermarkets earlier this week and didn't see a single LOTR or Hobbit set apart from a few of the older Hobbit sets in Toysrus. I know that the themes were not popular with UK retailers and most sets were cleared at half price in the Spring at many retailers.


This has got me wondering whether the license will survive in to 2015. There seems little reason for it to carry on. There are no new LOTR sets, the Hobbit film will have been and gone, and the retailers seem to hate them anyway. That might make the last wave Hobbit sets good investments. I plan to buy some but only at a discount. If I miss out so be it, I've got enough of the older sets already.


Anyone else share the view that the whole theme is about to go? 

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