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BTW simpsons house is limit 1 on SAH US, signs of EOL? still on the shelves at my BMs

Good catch.  Well, that is quite interesting as I'm pretty sure it was limit 5 a few weeks ago.


The set hasn't even been out a year and with the Kwik-E-Mart expected in the spring one would assume the house sold well enough to keep it around for another year.  Perhaps not, though.

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I think this set will be really interesting to see when it will be retired. One might think LEGO will want to squeeze every ounce of plastic it can to maximize the license fee it paid to produce The Simpsons theme. At the same time, it makes sense to have this house beside kiwi-e-mart to cross-sale each other. However, shelf space is limited and this house takes up a lot of space. In Canada, TRU and Wal-Mart are not even selling this set in their B&M store. Its only available online.


It will be fun to watch to see how fast investors clear out the channel leaving this set dry before LEGO can officially retire this set or mass produce again.

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I'm super stoked about this set.  Even my wife is.  From the looks of it, most of the pieces are printed which is a nice bonus.  I know there are a couple of stickers, but it doesn't appear that a lot of those 2x2 tiles are stickers.  That could explain why this set is the same price as the house with fewer pieces.


I'm super stoked about the Snake minifig as well.  I'm glad they got rid of those stoner eyes from the SH as well.  It seemed a little too odd.


I wonder what we are going to get next year?  I hope we see the power plant, or the school.  It would be nice to see a Moe's Tavern, but that will never happen unfortunately.

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