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What Lego set did you buy today?

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Every time I go to Target I have to try and resist the impulse to get another one (something about my wife wanting food and clothes for her and the six kids :-) )


Yeah, "The Zombies" is a pretty cool set. (Great price too!) Mainly because it sold insanely well do I consider on buying another. But I still have quite a few other sets to get caught up on.

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Today I went a bit crazy but I feel like I made some good deals! I bought (5) of the Lego Star Wars Battle Pack collection found here (9488 & 9489): http://shop.lego.com/en-US/LEGO-Star-Wars-Battle-Pack-Collection-5001137 I also picked up two LEGO Lamborghini 8214 Lamborghini Polizia sets for an incredible price. Can't wait to get these in the mail! Not sure if I want to build one and invest the other, or invest both, but I'll make that decision later.

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I went and picked up three Hoth Echo Bases at TRU today. It seems like a good deal with buy 2 get 1 free. I originally went in for some Monster Fighter sets, but the more expensive Star Wars sets ended up being a better deal, also they very rarely have sales on the Star Wars sets.

Nice buy.
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Yesterday I went over to Target and picked up 9493 Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter and 7957 Star Wars Sith Nightspeeder. Both were on minor sales of a few bucks each. Had a giftcard and these are both to be built and not invested. Put one together yesterday and one today, really neat looking.

Save the box and instructions in good condition for future resale.
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I purchased Two Star Wars Geonosian Star Fighters that where on clearance and I went to a local thrift store and picked up probably another 800-2000 not sure how many exactly until I sort them loose random lego pieces for $39. I think there is a Star Wars Generation 1 Tie Fighter in this lot though as I have found some unique pieces that are specific to that set. I also believe there is an old Lego Coast Guard Helicopter in this mixed lot as well.

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This site is going to be the death of me, too many impulse buys after seeing sets I had never really given much thought to, saw how cool they were, and HAD to have them. In the last few weeks, I have received or ordered: Farm sets: Farm, Tractor, Harvester, and Pig Sty thing from Bricklink Imperial Flagship off Ebay Entire Kingdoms line off Ebay 2 Chrome Stormtroopers off Ebay King's Castle 7094(used) off Ebay I am selling quite a bit of used stuff which is curbing the cost, but damn.

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My nearby Target just got Series 8 of the MINIFIGURES! 'Bout dang time!

Ended up buying 17 of these. ($50.83! Oh boy...)

Just heard about the 'bump code' AFTER Series 7 (dang it),

so this is the first one I get to try and decipher it on (Yippee!).

I've looked around the net and NOBODY has the 'bump codes'. (Not one!)

So, I figure I'll take it upon myself to 'crack' the code and post my findings on BrickPicker.

Even if don't get all 16, I'll still post what I find so far.

This may be....a bit late for some (by a month or so), but I guess "better late than never".

Oh right, I'm getting off track. SORRY!

Yesterday, I bought a:

CITY - Fire Truck (4208)

CITY - Police Pursuit (4437)

CITY - Space Shuttle (3367)

GAMES - Frog Rush (3854, Walmart exclusive)

(It was on clearance & has some unique pieces.)

NINJAGO - NRG Cole Spinner (9572)

MONSTER FIGHTERS - The Vampyre Hearse (9464)

(Love this one! Wanted to get it as soon as I saw it!)

Only a few more sets left I'd like to get before the year's over.

(Some remaining POLICE & NINJAGO sets.)

Might get the three 'bottom-tier' CITY-MINERS sets.

(4200, 4201, & either 4202 or 4203)

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Haven't bought anything in the last couple days because I have been rotting away at work, lol, but I have bought the following in the last week: 6864 - Batmobile and the Two-Face Chase 6863 - Batwing Battle Over Gotham City 4184 - Black Pearl (got two more of these because I think they will be gone soon) And I am happy to report that I finally found a Thor and the Cosmic Cube at ToysRus last night. It was the last one, and apparently it had fallen under a register, so it was sitting behind the counter. So my advice to everyone... even if it appears that a store is out of something, ALWAYS ASK! I could have left assuming I wasn't going to get my Thor because I didn't see any.

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