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4204 - The Mine


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Last month wal-mart had them priced at $38.99 in the stores. Needless to say they sold out in no time (probably due to the fact the error in pricing was posted here). For a few weeks they were still listed in Wal-mart's system at the $39 price. Last week Wal-mart finally corrected the error and they went back up to $89....and the set is still sitting on the shelves now that they've been restocked. I snagged one at Target for $70 on a special sale they had before Thanksgiving. That was the cheapest price I have seen for 'The Mine' set anywhere (bar Wal-Mart's screw-up). I would have loved to get a few sets at Wal-mart's price error but unless you were RIGHT there when it was discovered then you lost out (and I mean RIGHT there) a day or even hours later and you were SOL. The set I have is going to be a gift for my daughter this xmas. Personally I think the $89 price point is a bit high but that's probably just me. ebay has them at stupid prices right now ($129 average starting for buy it now). That's insane for this set. But I guess because it's xmas sellers are figuring they can gouge parents because 'they HAVE to have it for little Johhny'

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Around here at least this set has been impossible to find since before Christmas. It was in the top 20 on Amazon's best sellers list for a while. I personally think it is a very unique set and once it is gone I don't think there will be anything similar to replace it for a long while. Currently it can only be found at Amazon and LEGO LEGO Shop at Home I believe. It is $85 at amazon.co.uk. What does everyone think about this set?

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