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Rare official Lego set, no information on it online. Does anyone have any information on this?



I have a Lego set that was distributed to certain employees of a company 5 or so years ago. I own one, and am aware of one other set. I have looked it up and there are no photos or pictures of it online. Has anyone seen this Lego set before?
On the side, it reads that it is a Lego Certified Professional set by Adam Reed Tucker. On the front, the set number is '3333'. The set also has quite a few custom printed bricks officially from lego. Would this set be worth anything?
I can send photos if it would help.
Thank you, C

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Here's a bit about Tucker and his role in bringing the Architecture line to Lego.

He's done other sets in the Certified Professional - Search Snap on Truck or RollerCoaster Factory.  3333 is the address on Richmond Road and was the headquarters for DDR.






LEGO Certified Professionals are talented LEGO builders who promote the LEGO brand by creating amazing creations that inspire others. They are not employees of the LEGO Group, but have been selected by the LEGO group to amplify the LEGO brand through their commissioned work. There are currently only 15 LEGO Certified Professionals around the world, with a few more that might be added soon. (You can learn more about the current LEGO Certified professionals at lego.com.)

LEGO Certified Professionals can buy large quantities of LEGO bricks direct from the factory in order to build massive commissioned LEGO projects. These are typically corporate sponsored events celebrating a new product, or an art installation.

Certified professionals are also allowed to create custom LEGO kits as a part of their commissions. There are a lot of restrictions on what they are allowed to create, but based on what I’ve learned, they can build up to 500 kits based on a single design, and have been allowed to use the LEGO Certified Professional logo on the sets they create. Because the complete LEGO Certified Professional logo includes a small version of the iconic red LEGO logo, the sets appear to have the official LEGO logo. (It isn’t clear if future sets will continue to use the LEGO Certified Professional logo.)



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Well. That's not a set number, that's the address of the building. Apparently there is office space available to lease right now as well, lol. I do have one certified pro set, the Paris Opera Hilton. This one seems a bit more niche, as it's not really a landmark. I guess the only good way to figure out the value, if you can't find sold prices anywhere, would be to throw it on eBay.

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